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so far..

My movie watching rampage has seemingly come to an end.
Last week I only managed to catch Eclipse (not of my doing) and Inception (great great show)
and this week, only Sorcerer's apprentice last night.
I'm running out of movies to watch and ppl to watch with.. well most anyway. So in this past 5 weeks, I've managed to catch 11 shows. I'm not counting the 3D repeat of Toy Story 3.. otherwise it'd be 12 shows in 5 weeks. Respectable number.. hehe

Thanks to Wen Ching and Deloitte for the movie yesterday. I had popcorn too! shock horror. I think my diet is unravelling a little after a month.. lol. Been having so much chicken and vege that I'm thoroughly sick of it.
Renewed acquaintance with Adeline after some 4 years? gosh.. I don't remember her talking so much when I met her last time.

I met up with Charlene and Simon on Thursday and we had a bit of 'Xiao Fei Yang' in the pudu area. For those of you not familiar with what it is, it's a restaurant chain that originated in China (I think) and their focus is steamboat. Specifically the Sichuan style 'Ma-La' steamboat. Translated as numbingly hot. I found it a lot milder compared to what I was used to @ 'Hong La Jiao' also in the vicinity. And I visited their residence in Suasana Loft (KL Sentral). Very nice place. Lots of facilities. Good security. Some of the facilities were reminiscent of VerveSuites that HK brought me to.

Futsal this week, near fight during futsal. Kevin took exception to the very tight marking that Marcus was dishing out and some body check and elbows thrown in for good measure. So yea.. I went for some Bakso Mi before futsal.. comfort food. =) I think it's the soup that I enjoy.. yummy..

Then there was Kath Choo's housewarming last weekend. Always good to catch up with various people. Took some pictures as well. They turned out rather well. =) We overdid the food a little and there were heaps of meat.. lol. Played Drakon to end the night.. it was quite funny.. hahaha I think when we play boardgames, it's important not to take it too seriously and to play with ppl who can laugh at their ownselves. And it was also Kat Choo's bday so we celebrated with a cake too and some singing.

Then caught a play with Wai Leng, Gary, Jayan et. al. entitled Cock. It's a good show with some pretty strong acting.

Missed out on Bon Odori last Saturday. Was feeling too tired. Maybe next year.
hmm.. I think that about covers it. Probably missed a few things but I can't remember already. Another 2 weeks to go to Bali.. Trips all finalised and one guy pulled out..

what else happened.. Oh there's been some drama with the sis.
Oh yeah.. back in April? I sprained one of the tendons in my thigh. Wait I think it was called partial tear. It still hadn't recovered after 3 months so I went to see a Sports Doctor which was near my house, Dr. Aston. I went 4 times I believe and made tremendous progress. By the end of the 4th, he judged me well enough to recover on my own. Just gotta take it easy and really warm up well before I start kicking hard.

So places I've been to for dinner/lunch...
Las Vacas (good value for money) - steaks and its ilk
Michaelangelo's (Solaris) - okayla
Sanbanto - always a favourite
Grumps - comfort food
Kenny Rogers - chicken
Nando's - chicken (see a pattern here for the last 2?) =(
Indian shops with a tandoor - Non-fried baked chicken.. I think nearly one every week.
Xiao Fei Yang (Small Fat Sheep) - steamboat
Aldy's - Bakso Mi (my main gripe is that it's tiny)
New York New York - American food?
Subway - quite a few. I learned from Joa that you can actually just have salt and pepper instead of various sauces (cries)
Manhattan Fish Market - I've always enjoyed my meals there.
Friday's - to use a voucher.
Bubba Gump Shrimp - failed attempt to use a voucher *cough Wai Leng cough*
Hawker centre below Lot 10 - quick meal before the play.

I think that about covers it..
Not bad eh? even on a supposedly restricted diet.. lol

best week evar!

Let me start this off with a LMAO.


now that's out of my system.. =)
Last week was a great week.

played chauffeur
had yumcha with HK

had dinner with Kat, Cristine and Lai Yee @ Sheraton Imperial. Traffic was ugly. I think the girls all wanted to 'pengsan' by the time we got there.

played chauffeur
went for futsal and heard a little 'pop' while taking a kick. Couldn't stand after that.
So supposedly this is a groin injury. Top of my thigh at the front.

One of the guys commented.
"Warm up properly next time, old already.."
-_-" sigh

lunch @ Nam Heong. There was an incident at the carpark.. sigh..
played chauffeur
the word of the day was 'apple'
Went to yippee cup with Kelvin. had some bubble drinks

had dinner with colleagues @ Daorae in Hartamas
then caught Up In the Air with Kat. Seriously have no idea what the movie was about. Is it the discovery of the wonders of human contact? of connecting with ppl? etc.. =) No idea.
I would not recommend it. Been catching a spate of not so good movies..

went to pickup my sister's new computer. It looks nice.. =)
Dinner was @ Monte's and on Kat =) 9 ppl in all.
She bought everyone dinner for the night, something about a promotion. =P or was it a raise. Cristine took some pics. But I don't have a copy so if you can see my fb profile, chances are you'll be able to see the pictures. Went to Somo after that and played a little bit of Taboo.

oh yea.. MU lost to Chelsea.. wtf..

Morning was Cheng Ming @ Kapar. I am not sure why but I felt a little emo when at my uncle's shrine? spot? It'll be 3 years this year. Time flies.
lunch with HK, then starbucks. Then DoTA with Chen Hoe.
My dad had open house part duex and I was supposed to be the photographer. Bailed after a while and went to a Malay wedding reception @ Tropicana. It was Kat's colleague. I slipped at one of the staircases and aggravated my injury. Now it's back to being very uncomfortable. Saw Chian Yin? Not sure if i got the name right. =) *edit Chien Yin*
Had a bit of sup kambing after that.

went home =)
I think I'm OD-ing on kat... hahaha but there's no way I'd rather be. =)

"Love lift us up where we belong
Where the eagles fly on a mountan high
Love lift us up where we belong
Far from the world below
Where the clear winds blow"

Up Where We Belong - Joe Cocker


the rest of the updates

I just came back from The comedy club KL @ PJ Live Arts.
It is awesome.
and it gets better and better from the word go.
Joanne Kam.. so-so. I think the 'host' Tarron? was better
Rob Brown - hilarious, irreverent and so very non-politically correct
Pierre Hollins - stitches literally half the time.
Thanks to JQ for telling me about it.
We had dinner at Bar Madrid before that.. She will have a review but omg .. I had a whole week's salt requirement met in just one dish.. bleagh
bumped into an old old tuition mate there too. Jonathan Hew. I haven't seen him in .. probably at least 10 years if not more. haha. He was there for the same show as well.

Good good show. It's on @ Zouk tomorow and the day after. Catch it if you can.

My last update was ages ago. A good 2 weeks ago and that means there'll be even more gaps.. lol

I accompanied YC for Sherlock Holmes (yes again) and had dinner at Otak-otak place @ Tropicana City Mall. I quite like the otak-otak fried rice there. I think it's very good value for money.

I know I was at Deutsche Gasthaus? (I probably got the name completely and absolutely wrong) with Kat for a bit of a catch up.

Collected free dinner from Cindy @ Oriental.. =) 2 months late is still okay la.. it's free food. lol

Had bbq dinner with the 2 married ladies @ some japanese restaurant in ss15. quite nice actually though it wasn't exactly cheap
we were gonna go to another place but that place was smaller and was already full by the time they arrived.

There was a wedding dinner in Banting.. sigh.. long long journey in a small car.. baad..

Took a half day to get some shopping done and hair cut and etc.. oh, one of the hairstylist there is pretty nice... =P

BKT @ Klang at a place called Lai Choon.. it's been a while since I went there.. lol

Some futsal and some gym time. Still sore from yesterday's session.

Attended a Salsa competition as a member of the audience. Good stuff. Lots of different styles in it. Shen Yi was one of the contestants and though she didn't win anything (I think there was some bias there), she still put on a good show. =)

ermm.. I-Lin's birthday was last week.. happy birthday I-Lin. She had her celeb (at least the one that I was invited for) at Bravo Bar ? @ Plaza Damas. There was a live act going on that night who happened to be her friend(s). She had some drinks and then the requisite Flaming Lambourghini and then she was gone.. lol
Jo's dad had his 60th bday do at Prince hotel. Theme was Shanghai Nights. All I could come up with was this 'chinese' top which I bought specifically for it. Didn't want to be accused of not conforming again.. nosirree.. =P
JQ should have some pics of us and some of me and Jo together. We don't take enough pics.. actually I don't take enough pics.. =) must remedy.
So it was Nick's bday last week as well=) Happy birthday budddddyyyyy...

Through it all, I actually lots my voice, regained it and sort of cracked it again..
excellent start to the new year.. =)
oh car's finally in the workshop. Now I wait for the 'new' paintjob in another 2 weeks time.. give or take a few days.. =)

ok bored already. g'nite

yes.. you guess it. my life in a finite number of words

Caught night at the museum 2.. all I won't say is.. =)

also caught transformers 2 with my colleagues
right there at the start
Megan Fox lying on the motorcycle, bent over and the camera is coming in from the rear.
A moment worth remembering through the ages I reckon. Seared into the synapses.


I actually found it rather entertaining. Even though you could just park your brain outside when you go in to catch the movie.
This post actually sums it all up rather nicely.

Wedding dinner last night. Parking was... 'la merde'
Imagine parking some 5 minutes walk away on the grounds of some abandoned house and having to pay $5 for it. Can only happen here in Malaysia ..

My mind is drawing a little bit of a blank here. I think I'm getting better at the futsal thing but it could just be me being delusional as always. But I would say that I make awesome passes.
Speed, accuracy.

oh yeah. Last week I went to 2 pet shops and bought some more stock. You see, my fish tank was going through the 'I don't give much shit about how you guys are doing' phase. I ended up with one rummy nose tetra, one neon tetra and 2 others that I'm not too familiar with the names.
So I went on a bit of a spree.

I bought 10 gold barbs, 4 otos, 2 slinky things and 2 harlequins

otos died
1 slinky thing died
thing about otos, they don't travel so well. Esp if they're malnourished when you get them in the first place.
slinky thing died i think cos of the resident shadow aka featherfin

went to this place in sunway mas called 'seremban favourites'
they serve awesome 'cha siew'

we had too much.. hahaha. We were gonna go for 'siew yok' in section 17 but chen hoe learnt that they don't open on sundays. and then I suggested Elephant (extremely good thai food), they don't open for lunch on weekends. -_-" foiled.

so we went to that one and discovered awesome 'cha siew'
i took a picture. might be a bit fuzzy. Doesn't it look awesome?

say it with me ppl.. AWESOME

oh went to the gym. I'm that bored yes.. ;)

Caught a bit of 'Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.
Now I know where WW got her msn msg from.

"Life is an occasion. Rise to it."

This goes to show, you don't need to artsy fartsy, dramatic piece or anything like that to come up with something meaningful.
You can learn from anything, anyone, anywhere. Sometimes you just have to be a little patient to find the hidden gems.

In other updates.. TMNET ought to be shot and quartered. I cannot believe that our lines can drop SO damn much.
urge to kill rising.

and there's now a coat of paint and windows on the house

yeap. ONE day at a time.

that's all for now.

entire month in almost one nutshell

for the rest of my trip..
I guess I should post it anyway since I'm liable to forget.
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After we came back, catching up with work and etc.. it's been crazy mad but this past week has been rather slow. It did give me time to catch up on the paperwork and fuss over the enquiries and what-not. Oh I arrived on Sunday night right, a customer from Mauritius gave me a call on the said Sunday night. meh..

There was a full moon for WynNi's cousin 2 sundays ago I believe. Actually bumped into Jarrod there. Man.. Such a small world. Turns out he was Ann's either college classmate or uni-mate.

Lots of futsal in between.. I have a nice scrape on my knee because of it. It's still leaking plasma a little.. sigh.

Oh on I think it was Friday night, while at Kiara with Jo-Lyn and Su Lyn, we heard a rather serious accident. We heard it because the car disappeared from our view and then hit something twice before a louder crashing sound at the end. We went over to have a look and there it was a white proton iswara had flipped over completely. SL is an MD so she went to do the.. doctor thing. Someone had already pulled the 2 out of the car. One male and one female. She had a look at them. Determined that they were alright and then we left as the engine was still running. I didn't want to be anywhere near an explosion though the likelyhood is small. It should be still using a carburetor and not injection type so shouldn't explode but better safe than sorry.

The list of movies that I haven't yet caught is getting longer. To a point that I almost can't be arsed to catch any of it.

ermm.. attended one wedding dinner, some yumcha sessions. meeting with the Interior Designer.

Collapse )

And that about concludes the updates
oh and Man Utd is playing tonight. Champions league baby.. Sorry folks (everyone else).. you're just not good enough.. mwahahaha

oh and it was Kenneth's birthday on the Sunday just past. Happy birthday dude.

anyway, quote for today

Conceit is God's gift to little men.
Bruce Barton

There is no old age. There is, as there always was, just you.
Carol Matthau, O Magazine, October 2003

mini post

In this week, the morning weather have been beautiful bar one single morning.
The rest were almost perfectly blue skies with no cumulonimbus in sight (storm clouds for the uninitiated)

It is now firmly mid-April.
Only another 2 weeks to go before my Melbourne trip... Apparently my accommodation now costs me some 3k+ for the entire duration.. *faints*

there isn't really much point to this post..
I like the food at Pasta Zanmai over at Plaza Damas. Their service leaves a lot to be desired though. The serving staff there are oblivious to vocal ppl.. So much so the japanese couple behind me appeared to swear...

I think I may have given.. actually not I think more like I feared I may have given the wrong impression.
Maybe it's the severe lack of sleep
or just new people. I tend to give ok first impressions.. there's only downhill to go from there.. hahaha

So I mentioned that I bought a new pair of futsal shoes.. loving the feel.. but not loving the blisters that it seems to come with.
Today's futsal was.. not quite what I hoped it to be
First there was a delay because of my cousin/customer. 40 minutes there.
Then there's a girl playing. which means I'm more likely to suffer an injury as I twist and .. bend to avoid hitting her. Imagine a freight train.. that'd be me. no changing direction.. comprende?
THEN 2 of the guys' bags got stolen.
So that totally killed it.
Not that I'm happy that it happened. No one ever wants it to happen but there are quite a lot of ppl loitering around and the lack of cctv needs to be addressed. but that doesn't mean that i'm happy about my already short game being EVEN shorter.
I'm really tired and i'm rambling a little.

g'nite and have a great sunday!