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I haven't been updating.. been a little distracted.. stupid dad.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-12-28 03:35
Subject: I haven't been updating.. been a little distracted.. stupid dad..
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There are alot of theories on why my dad is doing what he's doing.. of course, it is all theory.. much easier to ask him directly. Yet I'm hesitant because I'm afraid that it'll trigger the decision date early. I have much to think on if between the 2 and a half roads that are ahead of me..
oh well moving on

Tuesday.. work, Dinner with the gang... Ophilia was stuck in a massive jam in subang so she was a little late. We joined up with the rest of my friends at TGIF at Section 14. Dinner comprised of.. shit.. a lot of people really.. let's see.. usual suspects.. HK & BS, Ed, Jim & Jen, HW & Tord, CM, then there was Zeng Zeng, Ophilia, Navin, Pei Li and Adrian, Roger and Winnie. Food was okay though a little on the dry side.. Half way through my meal, sister called and asked that I go back.. and blah blah cos she forgot her keys, she should have just come rather than I go.. sigh but I went back to hand her the keys and then went back to the restaurant. The mocha mud pie had already melted by then.. so.. i didn't have dessert. =( OT ( Ophilia ) decided to join her friends at Q-Bar for the countdown. I think maybe she was just a bit uncomfortable.. lol =) so I dropped her at her car, then joined the guys at Hartamas.. Here comes my Christmas present.

I had an accident while parking the car.. I already got into the spot, then I waited before backing out. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a car pass, then checked the right side visually by looking directly, then I reversed.. AND I hit someone.. okay not someone but I hit a car.. shit.. I didn't see his car to be honest, he had just stopped.. and damnit, his whole door is dented.. Really really pissed me off.. I wasn't having a nice christmas as it is, and I just had to top it off. sigh.. won't bore u with the details.. suffice to say, I will be even more broke... yay for me .I sent a number of mass icq msgs wishing people merry christmas.. Got approximately.. 10 replies =)
maybe more since some of them were calls. Had a call from Jay Mee, Wai Ying (deleted her number), can't really remember who else.. hmm.. need a new brain. And just for the big bonus of the night.. I had a call from baby, I miss her so much.. shit.. =( Meng and JL came and joined us later.. Jennie was also in the place. I also saw Darryl from Trinity... lol =) oh yeah and I met, Sook Yian, and Alice, and.. no idea who the rest were.. I was bored.. after the initial bout of physical violence with the things from the free party packs... so I left early and went home. I changed and talked to Cindy online for all of 20 minutes I think before they called for supper.. I have been waiting for that call actually so I left at 3 am to go eat supper. I knew that the place they were going to wasn't gonna have a lot of food but does anyone wants to listen to me? noooo.. hmph

was there till 5 am before I went home.. sent Winnie home as well out of the goodness of my heart. didn't have to since Ed was going to but it wasn't necessary for Ed to do it since I stay in the same area as her. oo.. yes.. Tan Pei Li is hot... seriously hot. I didn't realise how many good looking girls there were from my high school until i looked at my dinner table.. =) But then, I never dated anyone from high school... hmm =) Most of them thought too that OT was my gf.. had to set them straight =)

I was woken up the next morning by my cousin asking if I wanted to have lunch.. so I did. Even at 11.30 am on a Christmas morning, the carpark was bloody full already.. shit. So I had to look for a while. We had dimsum.. sort of =) I was late so ordered noodle.. =) They went to shop at Ikea, I went home and bummed around and took a nap then I went to play mahjong.. after mahjong, no dinner with anyone.. later met the same people for supper at Saji's. Came back.. slept.

Thursday morning, we drove only one car down and I let my sister drive my mom's car.. =) I took some change of clothes cos I was gonna have dinner with my cousin and colleagues.. but got cancelled again... LK is still not feeling well. In fact, SL took her to the hospital for a check. I had dinner with his mom instead. We went to some place in Cheras.. food was quite nice.. =) They sent me home after dinner and I invited them in.. showed them the house since they haven't been here before. Went out after that and played mahjong.. Came back at 3 i think.

Today I was really sleepy so I went to a secret place to get some shut eye.. it was quite comfy apart from the hard floor. After that went to buy lunch, met an uncle there and he insisted that he pay for our lunch.. =) yay after that.. worked the rest of the day. Had dinner with my aunt and uncle and everyone else today. 5th uncle and aunt and cousins and their relatives. Ate at this place called drunk cat.. food is GOOD but I won't know how to get there since I'm not familiar with those parts.. =(
We went to a Karaoke place after that and was there for 3 hours. HY had his operation to remove his subcutaneous abcess. KY asked if I wanted to go visit him at the hospital cos he was being detained over night, but I couldn't. HK also asked if I wanted to play mahjong.. =) but had to turn him down.. oh yeah.. Today LK went to the hospital again and the doc suspected appendicitis but he couldn't be sure.. so she's going for another check-up next week.. poor thing

I had actually forgotten that Cindy was in Macau over the Christmas period.. =( Now I don't even get to talk to her. On another note, I haven't heard from JB other than the time she msged me during christmas, better check on her soon.. =)

for some reason, SL's gf reminds me of BS.. same kinda look, same kinda voice.. unreal.. =P
I hope everyone had fun during their christmas.. would definitely be a change from me =)
I wonder what I'm gonna do for New Year's.. probably just stay home and mope.. lol =)
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Joobs - Tan
User: joobs
Date: 2002-12-28 07:20 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Heyya...what happened with daddy??
Just dropping a note to say HI... since u haven't heard frm me. hehehe. :)
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