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urgh.. pain! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-12-20 01:10
Subject: urgh.. pain!
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(blank) must have been nothing


(BIGGER BLANK) nothing again I guess =)

wednesday.. hmm.. work. The accounting and general management was doing a housecleaning of all their files and documents. Guess who was volunteered to be the buffalo? sigh.. sweltering heat.. incessant talking of said staff urgh.. dinner with cousin, his gf, aunt, and her sister and sister's husband.. then my aunt was talking to me about my ... interesting parents and why they put me through all that crap.. and i said I dunno.. =) who understands their parents anyway? my aunt was so nice, she gave me some money to tide me over for the month.. lol.. We had dinner at this vegetarian place, was gonna go to another one further but there was a massive jam at the roundabout.. I went to kl via that way and it was not moving for 10-15 minutes.. i gave up and went down to Jalan Kuching and paid toll.. =( in their house, they have 4 separate decoders and tvs.. my house.. 3 tvs and one decoder.. shows what my parents spend on and don't.. but then again.. i have no idea what they spend on.. maybe it was my education.. *grin* but then all of them have cars.. and it's not exactly the cheap variety..
while I don't.. bleagh
his sister moved in with her bf.. his gf is staying with him.. =) lucky them.. haha


I think I hurt my back yesterday.. it was so painful when I tried to bend.. so i was very upright today.. =) it became less stiff later.. I bought a few things today from macd's =) i think it'll be a nice SURPRISE.. haha =) for who I don't know.. *grin* I think I should have enough for everyone.. =)
I ended up being a buffalo again bleh.. came back really late cos was in dad's office for a while then there was a massive crawl at the highway.. Went for indoor soccer again.. shit I think I have fluid in my left knee.. it has been feeling funny for a while.. should go see a doc for it.. and during soccer, I think I may have pulled something in my right thigh.. shit..
i managed to kick a few people too.. lol =) I'm a violent player, stay far away.. hahaha
came back.. showered and here I am..

Gonna be watching LOTR this weekend with HY, KY and SW
there were no more tickets for PY and her sister and JT even.. =(
Ophilia won't be around then so it didn't matter. Michele is STILL trying to get those gold class tickets so that she can watch it with AVI boy.. =) was thinking of calling joobs along but no tickets so no point.. next week's christmas.. no plans yet for christmas eve... this weekend sometime, may have an open house somewhere..
hmm.. =)
fun fun weekend ahead!
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