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Thursday, we finished work early, as I didn't want to wait for my… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-12-07 04:07
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Thursday, we finished work early, as I didn't want to wait for my sister for 2 hours, My colleague kindly decided to drop me home.. =)
That night, I was at HY's place for mahjong then I met up with PY and Andros for drinks.. got back before 12.. =D very proud of myself.

Friday I didn't get lunch.. finally left the house when KY came to pick me up.. but it was POURING then, absolutely pouring I had an umbrella and my entire bottom half got drenched.. and we headed to Megamall to get the movie tickets. Infernal Affair.. a chinese movie.. I waited for half an hour. And when I got there, there wasn't any tickets to be had.. shit
played more mahjong after that. I won a little bit.
For dinner, I joined HK and BS at Sun Hing Loong, from henceforth known as SHL. Ate, then went for dessert at KTZ.. after eating, we went to pay and guess who's there Joobee was there with Khai Woon.. I talked to them for a while before going home to relieve myself. Watched more of that Korean movie before HY gave me a call to go for drinks at 1957. There's more to this .. but lazy to elaborate. suffice to say.. other than the piece of information that HY told me, it was generally a bore.. I was pretty much the misfit there.. those med students would go off into their little world, and the others would be talking about golf. Since I had nothing to do with those 2 things.. and really absolutely NO interest in golf, I tuned out and looked at the ceiling.. thinking I should go somewhere else, anywhere... ugh
Went to the mamak after that, but it was closed, so went to SHL.. got myself some grub.. 'twas all good. Talked a lot about relationship things, how it's wrong to take a friend's gf, why some ppl don't want to see their ex's.. what to do if an ex did this.. blalba.. things like that.. oh and cockroaches.. *grin*

I'm tired.. that's all for now =)
bye.. and got to think about tomorrow
shit.. what am i gonna do? =)
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