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and then there was the dawn of a brand new day - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-11-25 21:15
Subject: and then there was the dawn of a brand new day
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I am feelingaccomplishedaccomplished
Listening toF4 - Liu Xing Yu

Work was slow.. but a lot to move.. there seems to be a lot more things to move these days.. WHY!!!!! came home, went to play basketball.. yes.. work out =)
dinner at new place in taman sea. food's pretty nice and they were having a promotional buffet.. yummy.. Went to see KY later and then we went to Ed's place to play mahjong.. Girl called Monica, their colleague, came over as well.. and she played in place of Ed and I don't like playing with newbies.. they tend to have very good luck. hmph
lost.. so was happy to leave =P picked HY up and we went to watch transporters. Tons of ppl and i mean like everyone who's seen it ( in the states and what-not ) claims that it's a horrible horrible show.. I on the other hand.. and the other 2 guys found it quite.. alright =) good even.. great chase scenes, pre-requisite explosions, fighting scenes... man fighting was GOOD =) then there was the plot.. a little flimsy i suppose but quite entertaining nonetheless.. so.. you people who think it's bad, you're MISTAKEN!
after the movie, dropped HY off then me and KY ended up going to Ed's place then I played mahjong again.. muahaha =) I.. won a bit. i think =) can't remember it's a bit hazy cos we played till 5.30am and by the time i got home it was 6 am.
mom was up.. and scolded me.. =)


missed the 10 am wake up call.. got up at the next one at 11.30 and hurried a bit. My cousins were still waiting. We decided to have lunch first.. go-karting fun! first 10 minutes.. HOT HOT HOT!!!
damn bloody sun. came in then took a break, another cousin called and he came and then we payed MORE money and went for 20 minutes straight.. woohoo =) miss the time when I was in melbourne and we did it for half an hour or one hour straight.. lol =) these little things, it you sit in them for too long.. after gettting out of it, you'll feel like your body is rattling.. =) because there is NO suspension.. hahaha and the engine is doing it's best to knock everything loose.
went home at 3+ .. I stopped for rojak and cendol.. the best stuff in the world.. lol
called a few guys up.. no one available.. well found some eventually. went home and had a cold shower.. brr.. it's nOT cold.. stupid malaysian weather. parents weren't home.. apparently they were in Teluk Intan and didn't tell me.. =) as that song goes, " Why, am I always the last to know, tell me why is always me.. or something like that"
played with KY and HY, then KY's eyes began going red for some reason.. it was all very mysterious.. =) took him to see a doctor after that.. seeing how i had nothing to do for dinner.. went home and talked to cindy before falling asleep from exhaustion. HY had dinner with colleagues.. and when that's said, it means.. former buddy, one ex, and various other ppl who thinks i'm a bastard =) so.. I can't in all sanity go out for a dinner with them.
YC later called me up and I had a dinner of 'nasi kandar' with her in Taipan. She had just spent the day playing paintball.. what fun =( I wanna TOO!!!!
we had a nice dinner.. fried chicken was delicious! talked and gave her her cds, dropped her home and went back. and.. that's the end of that =)
today.. Ah Lee dropped a 'leaf spring' set on his toe.. nasty..
a lot of moving again.. urgh.. a container is rumoured to be arriving soon, i plan to be sick on that day =P
nothing else that I can think of.. =) talking to Cindy now.. yay =)
hehe. Payal's gone back to India.. =) everyone from college is gone.. nearly anyway =)
William never calls.. that plick =P
enough! ciao
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