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I now know how an animal of burden feel. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-11-23 01:50
Subject: I now know how an animal of burden feel.
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Today was hell.. today's the day that I moved the most things ever.. it was just pieces upon pieces of hub.. each hub is roughly i think it was about 35kgs each.. but these were bigger than regular ones so maybe it is 45 or so.. and we moved like 100+
plus liner another 60? yesterday there was 20 cylinder heads.. possible for one person to do it but better 2 cos when it's just one person.. you're basically hanging on to it and hoping it won't slip out of your grasp rather than being able to lift it anywhere.. there was also another 300 slack adjuster.. weighed in about i think less than 10 kgs.. maybe 8 or so.. =) and .. nvm.. =) just wanna say, work was a bitch. My cousin Jack bought lunch for everyone.. wonder why though.. =) then.. nothing much else. after work, came home and had to shower right away and go out again cos it's my cousin's and sister's birthday today so we had dinner at Overseas restaurant.
Throughout the whole night, my niece who just turned 2 last week was sneaking around. and she loved the soup.. and she stared at me.. I didn't notice at first, my cousins brought it up.. she's a cute little thing.. kids are cute when they are young.. lol =)
on another note, my cousins are all turning into very attractive females.. if you guys out there are interested. =) tall, leggy.. lol fair... i think that's what a lot of guys look for..

After dinner, I met up with Juliet and Jason at Mont Kiara CoffeeBean. I met new ppl today.. namely Jaime, Simon, Gerald, How and Fanny.. they are also my cousin's friend.. another cousin. I went to eat beef noodles later after that with HK and BS and I came home right after.

so many ppl didn't respond to my sms's and so many more were busy.. lol =) going out, watching movie later, out with colleagues, made plans already.. I need to plan earlier and book people! I'm selling my 3330 to the 'uncle driver' for RM150.. selling it cheaper.. hmm. =) don't know why..
anyway. it's late, my baby isn't online.. no one is talking to me online.. there is ONE.. payal and I should stay but it's late.. lol =) and I have to work again tomorrow.. sigh
so good night people..
I hope to have a more exciting night tomorrow
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