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Wednesday First day of work.. and it was certainly backbreaking.. =)… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-11-21 21:09
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First day of work.. and it was certainly backbreaking.. =) I wonder if i'll end up like those ppl with a bowed back.. eeps.
I went out with Michele and Joyce for some drinks in bangsar. Had to wait for quite a while for Joyce.. =) As usual, I was the most under dressed person there.. but all 3 of us wore black top.. =)
talked and laughed and I steered conversation around pretty well.. *grin*
Joyce left earlier cos her cousin was bugging her to go to Qbar together. Me and Mich left at.. 12.30 and I dropped her off and went home. On my way home, it started to pour.. seriously pour..
could barely see what was in front of me and me wheels kept losing grip due to the puddles on the road.. I wasn't driving sensibly cos I wanted to get home fast.. =)
I've gotten some of my stuff back from Michele.. very very odd thing, I don't have ANY of my controllers in sight.. not too sure if it is in another box cos if it is, I'm screwed.. =)

Today.. went to deliver some goods at this travel agency.. I went up there. and yum.. alot of chicky things working there.. hehe
but then the guy I was looking for was downstairs and so down I went. After we unloaded everything, I got a call from Johnson & Johnson.. It was in regards to the Acuvue Colour contact lenses thing. I won something apparently =) worth RM 150.. I'll get a letter then I'll go collect my prize from wherever it is.
Today also marks the day my Cindy leaves for HongKong.. no more text messaging her.. though my credit reload which I got nearly 2 weeks ago is down by 60 bucks because of that already... hehe.. it's actually part of my plan to win a car I think. Get the highest number of sms in a month and WIN.. =) at least 30-40 bucks of that 60 spent so far is on SMS.. RM40/20 cents = 200 sms so far.. I think I'm on my way to win something at least.
I bought a pair of 'el cheapo' ps controllers.. got me 6 bucks a piece.. =P of course they can't guarantee that it'll last for even a few days.. lol it's that bad.. but I'm just hoping that my expensive controllers can be found.. Lee also brought his games to borrow me.. yay =) there are a lot and I've actually tried a few already.. can't play the soccer nor the king of fighters.. get trashed silly.

latest update
I just got back from durian chiller! =) with HK and BS at gloria jean's. Delicious durian chiller. anyway.. I borrowed HK all my anime cds.. just hope he doesn't destroy them =( oo.. I saw Lim Pei Li just now.. she's definitely slimmed down a lot.. but she's still big.. =)

anyway.. that's all for now. ADIOS

p.s. Thanks Michele for bringing back my stuff =)
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