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weekend part 2 - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-11-18 13:11
Subject: weekend part 2
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I actually did watch Harry Potter yesterday.. Poor Aimann didn't book the tickets in time, so he ended up waiting in line for about half an hour while I was blithely oblivious to that very fact =)..
I had lunch with me parents then.

The movie is LONG!!! omigod.. 2 hours and... 40 odd minutes I think.But better stuff than the first one.. more magic things.. and the spiders.. let me tell you.. *grin* check your ceilings before you sleep.. *grin* big hairy bastards they are.

emm by the time the movie was done it was 5.15pm already so I said my goodbye and walked past MPH.. it's been a while since I read a novel so I couldn't help it.. I wandered in.. hehe and bought a book. I know I'm a fantasy freak so the book that I picked HAS to be a fantasy book.. most of the time anyway. I don't have the inclination to read self-help books, travel books, cooking books ( maybe this one when I'm in the mood ), definitely NO books of inspirational stuff.. except the ONE from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I got one.. back in 1999 to read with Su Yin.. It would be the last time I ever read with anyone.. I reread both pages 3 times before the page was finally turned.. urgh

anyway. Got a cab back and then seeing that it didn't rain, I went to play basketball.. for a bit before it started to drizzle again. I tell you weather like this is miserable, it rains nearly every god damn day now a days.. ARGHH... maybe for 2 weeks it could rain in the australian outback.. they SURE need it.. okay that article ain't really it.. but it's the closest i could find.. some places in australia haven't rained in 2 - 3 years.. and these places are supposed to be farmlands..

anyway.. dinner was.. as usual at Overseas restaurant.. =) after that no one seemed to be free so I stayed home.. played Theme Hospital. and later watched some soccer.. whee =)

today no one woke me up.. I reckon they ain't gonna ask me when I am gonna start work anymore.. muahaha =)
of course.. then they'll be more and more disappointed blablabla.. =)
oh well
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