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Yesterday I made some plans with people and I played mahjong again… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-11-17 01:49
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I am feelingaggravatedaggravated
Yesterday I made some plans with people and I played mahjong again after like month or 2 of not playing.. I was doing pretty well until for some reason, my luck just nose-dived.. sigh
so anyway.. I was home the whole day except that late night bit when I played mahjong.. I caught up on some news and stuff with meng and KY whom I've not seen in yonks

Today was a strenous work day.. and I was up till 4 yesterday, so I did myself no favours.. but i handled it pretty well and I pretty much managed to get up by myself! yay. A lot of back breaking labour today.. I hope my back holds out until after i die.. =P

I MAY be going to watch Harry Potter tomorrow and go-karting. AS usual.. nothing can be confirmed because the people that I'm allegedly watching it with, have not confirmed the details with me.

I had dinner with OJA, K Jin and his gf.. can't remember her name.. this is the same girl from the Genting incident way back in April when I first came back. They did get together.. lol
We ate at Mega Grill.. ( 2nd time I ate there ), again the food wasn't all that.. =) so I think the next time someone suggests that, I'll give it a miss. caught up some with OJA.. I haven't really sat down and talked to her in ages as well.. seems like I haven't seen everyone in ages.. lol
Ed, KY and CS were at the SAME wedding banquet so that was 3 possible players out of the picture. So.. I was very very bored.. I sat around with MY and his mom while they had dinner. SAD!! lol
The 3 of us played mahjong and MY's mom was just lucky.. and good at it.. it was a thoroughly frustrating night for me.. =) but I asked for it. lol
after that I had drinks with HK.. again someone I haven't seen in ages.. or more precisely, talked to =).. caught up some more.. and floated the idea of going for PAINTBALL...
I wanna be a sniper.. and have some grenades.. hahaha
it'd be wicked fun.. =P

to finish it off.. I'M BORED... AND I MISS CINDY.. should I put it the other way round so that it seems like I miss her more than I'm bored? =P

I MISS CINDY AND I'M BORED.. I think that should be better.. I think I've blathered enough for 15 minutes
I'm gone .. =) adios people and have a great weekend
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