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lalalalala lalalalala lalalala.................................... - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-10-28 22:40
Subject: lalalalala lalalalala lalalala....................................
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I am feelingcomplacentcomplacent
Listening tobugging you is easy cos you're buggable...
weekend was a bit of a haze really.. lemme see..
i think i ..
went to see cindy and bought lunch, had dinner at home and then supper later at Saji.. their fried rice is nowhere as good as their mee goreng..
then.. Cindy was over for the weekend..
studying and watching tv and other stuff..
I was quite sorry that it had to end.I sent her home today.. Tomorrow's the FIRST paper.. should I say that..
"I'm NOT NERVOUS" hah! that should work.. nervousness will run away now.. lol
OJA msged me sometime then.. said we should meet up and I'm in a reconciliatory mood so I agreed =P According to her, MY said that I was too busy with gf.. which is totally untrue. He's just too busy with his own things and he'll only look for you if he needs something from you. Which is kind of what I noticed about a lot of people, myself included sometimes.. but less me and more others. I feel whiny again. Should stop =P
Tomorrow, it's gonna be Introductory Accounting A and get this, no one really knows where the exam is gonna be held. Have to look at the notice board on the 1st floor AND it was only up recently.. so I don't know either.. =P that's it for now.. Michele is getting her own paid LJ account.. *burns with jealousy* *grin*
anyway.. don't wanna bore you guys =)
just been an idyllic weekend.. and I can't think of anyone else I would have rather spend that with...
Good luck peeps for your exams. Those who have exams anyway =)
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