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Wednesday.. !!! reJOICE!! ahaha drove my mom to the hospital then I… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-10-24 12:01
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Wednesday.. !!! reJOICE!!
drove my mom to the hospital then I went for class, after class was gonna go lunch with a bunch of them then huy and adelene came but too many to fit inside my car.. so they went to corner shop, I had a private lunch with Cindy. Went back for a bit.. had an urgent call from Mother Nature you see.. =) then mom called and we went to pick her up. Dropped her at the hairdressers.. went back and bummed about.. no details for u ppl =P
went to pick my mom again then came home n studied.
went to the pasar malam and waited for the asam laksa.. 45 minutes!! had to wait in line as well.. lol Cindy liked it.. I think Joo Bee does too =) who else wants to eat i? Oh yeah while I was there, I met Su Wen ( Chia Minn's ex who changed him into who he is now ).. she was looking like her usual self.. but she's back early.. something about emergency.. came back for a week. going back soon. anyway was at home studying until later.. then parents ready to go!! wOOHOOOOO.. hahaha and then they were gone.. =P Gone to Japan they have.. *grin*
then I dropped the 'asam laksa' at PY's cos I kinda promised her one. then went to williams and had a HUGE naan. apparently plain naan is RM1.50 there and the cheese & raisin one is RM 4.50.. cheese and raisins are expensive... =P
dropped her home then came back and that's the end of it
A day in Soo Jin's life.. could it be any more boring than this?
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