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The alphabet runs right from A to Z.. ( name the song and win an ice-cream cone!! ) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-10-18 02:23
Subject: The alphabet runs right from A to Z.. ( name the song and win an ice-cream cone!! )
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Listening toSixpence None The Richer - There She Goes
Not really sure where to start today.. I guess thanks would be in order.. for the overwhelming show of comments about the crush =) thanks guys
Could do with more details though =) u know.. yummy juicy details.. *grin*

lemme see.. today.. hmmzz..
woke up to the sound of rain.. not good.. as I was taking a shower.. it started to POUR!.. when I was about to leave, they were nearly hailstones! I kid I KID! *grin*
basically.. had brekkie, then packed and dad said something like if he wants a ride, he just have to ask ( he being ME ) to my mom. I had none of that, wouldn't want more conditions laid on my ass. =) but on hindsight, I think I was just being childish about the whole thing.. haha =)

anyway, I tried to take the cab but there was none willing.. and by that time the bus came so I took the bus.. it was QUITE tackily painted. yellow, red, black and a bloody smiley on the front..
I had seen it before but i wasn't sure what it was.. cos I saw it from a distance the first time ( so I actually missed the bus that time.. haha )
anyway.. bus ride was long cos there was quite heavy traffic this morning. My shoes were actualyl all wet no thanks to the poor drainage on our roads. I also happened to be carrying a file today so my hands were pretty full.. drat.
Coming out of the bus, rain had already stopped so I was saddled with an umbrella for the rest of my 8 hour day.. sigh.. WHY ME!!!!

was late by 10 minutes today so it wasn't too bad. quite alot of people were missing.. combination of bad weather, ensuing hellish traffic DUE to bad weather.. and too bloody early to be in class syndrome =)
emm.. wasn't really paying attention, I was still pretty tired.. I felt so out of it today.. damnit.
Had breakfast then we went to the student lounge ( we being Huy, William and Me ) and chilled out.. played ping pong for more than an hour, ended up missing our econs tute.. hehe.
Jay Mee called then.. JM appeared in my journal yonks ago.. she's been missing for a while moving house and setting up her free lance career as a multimedia designer.
anyway asked me out to lunch.. since those 2 sad guys were with me, I brought them along. We had lunch at Restaurant Delicious.. Food was okay only.. came up to 15 bucks per person.

then walked around a bit, went to buy some CD-R media.. Huy bought a mouse. =) computer one.
then.. yea I was talking to JM about how she and her bf were doing.. apparently it isn't going so well cos it has taken her 7 months to realise that they aren't really compatible.. so.. hmm.. I wonder what's gonna happen.

then came back cos gonna go for class.. but we came back a bit earlier so Huy went home, me and william went back to the lounge again.. there were a lot of people playing pingpong so we just chillde out there.. actually it was more like stoned there.. I was pretty damn tired then, didn't want to go to class even.. waited a bit for Cindy to show up, thought she wasn't so I went to the lecture hall. she didn't even call me when she noticed that I wasn't at the lounge.. in fact I had to call her to ask her where she was.. blek

i was tired, sleepy.. had some naps in class.. listening to him blab on.. ugh.. I thought that guy sitting on Ophilia's right was ehr bf... hehe she wants me to introduce guys to her.. sheesh man! =) I don't know any guys at all.. sigh maybe I do but they're either not single, or they're not their type.. so..

I had PY send me home.. nice of her, actually her mom to consent to drop me off. I had drinks at Munaf earlier but I wasn't feeling chatty so I kept quiet. After waiting for PY, went to corner shop for a really short while. Verena and Alex came along as well. Pei Ying was dressed very nice today.. nearly didn't recognise her. Copper highlights in her hair.. put her hair up as well... then the overall effect made her look japanese-ish. When we went out via the side gate, there was the big bunch of guys right opposite and all of them just stared at her.. I was walking behind her with Verena and I caught those stares... hilarious lol and she's claiming no one's interested.. blah blah, she's not pretty.. blah blah.. females!! Their hobby is to put themselves down i tell you. BTW, yesterday as I was typing my posts, I kept typing gibberish cos I was falling asleep at the desk.. suffice to say, when i roused myself, I was aghast! I definitely can NOT put thoughts to paper when half asleep.

well.. I had dinner with dad, granma, 2 aunts at Overseas Restaurant.. food was okay today.. not good.. wonder why. =)
then sent my aunt and granma home before calling Cindy to tell her I was gonna drop by.. but she didn't pick it up and after the 3rd time calling, I figured she either didn't bring it out or was in the shower. So I came back and THEN she calls.. she went for dinner and left phone at home and .. yea.. tough .. for me anyway
bleary eyes again.. night people..
p.s. I get a feeling I left something out that I wanted to post..
oh well
so.. yeah
today's highlight would be to see my baby.. Miss her =( somemore didn't get to see her.. was a little annoyed about that but can't be helped. Can never have things my way =)
ciao and g'nite
outta here.
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