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Soppy music time! *chorus* Just close your eyes, each loving day, don't let this feeling walk away, till the day my life is through *end chorus* figure out the song =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-10-16 21:43
Subject: Soppy music time! *chorus* Just close your eyes, each loving day, don't let this feeling walk away, till the day my life is through *end chorus* figure out the song =)
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Listening toNsync - This I Promise You
Last night, I finally slept at close to 6 am.. shit had to wake up at 9.30 this morning to get to class... actually get to college, took a cab again today cos I seriously can't be fucked to take the damn bus.. I had no time to waste... cos I didn't end up going to class in the end to finish up my assignment. Saw Vivien and Kong, they didn't go to class either cos they had to finish up the marketing assignment as well.. and then I was DONE! 3026 words baby.. lol
printed everything out.. met the guys for lunch.. bound my assignment and yippee! =) it's all over.. All of the left so it was just me and Cindy having lunch together =)

A moment of peace.. lol It's not so much that we have arguments.. just little tiffs.. lol =) I'll admit it doesn't sound good but I think it's going strong between us. emm.. went in after that, I had actually forgotten to take my diskette with me, it would have been the 3rd one I lost if i didn't find it. I manage to retrieve it and then just sat around in the comp lab while waiting for time to pass. Cos I had to wait for Aimann and Cindy, Payal. Then when it was about time, I went to hand in my assignment.. Saw Aimann there as well.. =) My tutor ALSO happened to be walking to the office.. it was all a bit too coincidental if u ask me.. =) According to him, there isn't a penalty for NOT handing it in during the tute.. WOOHOOO!!!! hahaha

After that we went to the MUSA lounge and bummed around there. Cindy had her picture taken for her credit card thingie... you know the one issued by citibank has a picture of you at the top corner. anyway.. sat there until like 3 pm.. then I came back and changed.. thanks to Aimann for sending me. I let him watch a bit of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, I think he liked it.. lol
then we went

okay.. game wise.. we played better than we did on saturday. but only half the team showed up cos we weren't gonna progress anyway because KDU had beaten KBU in the match on Monday. So it was gonna be played out anyway as a game for fun.. well we still lost in the end by 2 whole points. And I was just gawd-awful.. so.. I don't know where to hide my face now. =P
We went elsewhere to play for fun and I kicked ass then.. lol but faded after the 3rd game cos I was getting quite tired. My fitness level is very lousy. We played in DJ, quite near SY's house..
maybe bout 200 metres away or 300..
sigh =) I can barely move now, damn joints feel very stiff especially my ankles and knees.. When holidays come, I'm gonna go work out or something since Cindy won't be here and I'll have too much time on my hands. I'll also be training my skills up so that I won't be an embarassment to my teammates.

well that's it for today =) Oh.. MOM's going to IPOH tomorrow! yay.. hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha okay I should stop now.. =)

And.. everyone's out now.. so I'm all by myself.. and I'm fucking tired =) exhausted is more the word.
So yeah.. there's gonna be another post after this... stay tuned
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