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Had dinner yesterday at Pizza Hut.. for the benefit of Cindy's… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-10-13 16:51
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Had dinner yesterday at Pizza Hut.. for the benefit of Cindy's friends.. =) 2 of them didn't show up in the end, one with NO notification whatsoever, then another late by an hour, and yet another 2 late by bout 20 minutes..
Don't u just hate people sometimes? 10-15 minutes late is.. still reasonable, but 1 hour? Talk about prima donna, I was gonna leave already.. actually more like I was gonna pay and go and leave him to eat by himself. Ass..
After dinner, went to watch a movie, Bourne Identity.. it was quite interesting though I did miss the first maybe 5 minutes of it. I had to go get some eye drops.. they ( them contacts ) were drying out. After the movie, I dropped Afeef home and then went back to the same place.. (sunway) to park so that we could go to Q bar. First thing that struck me was.. where's the entrance? =) After going up the steps, I thought I was already in until I saw this queue.. of course the fact that people didn't pick up their phones didn't help since we didn't know where they were. Paid and went in.. They actually had a live band.. lots of energy, very little finesse.. and they were old too! haha

emm.. I was pretty tired and after I dropped everyone home, driving home alone right.. I was just dozing on the road.. shit.. That kinda freaked me out so I drove faster so that I can get off the road quicker..
I was very bleary and I think the minute my head touched the pillow, I was fast asleep.
I woke up at 11.. 8 solid hours of blank-out.. I had actually left the club at 2 but after sending everyone back, I got home about 40 past 2.. sucks to be me.. =)
anyway.. Attempting to finish my marketing assignment so.. later! =)
Btw, to those people who don't actually read the damn newspaper.. there's been 3 bombs let off last night. 2 in indonesia and one in the phillipines, a number of lives were lost.. goes to show we should all hide at home =) NOT.. but seriously, I don't get the logic behind the bombings sometimes.. just as how I don't get the logic behind the behaviour of the world leaders..
Need someone to explain it to me.. =)
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