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Back in April when I was gonna leave Melbourne, I misplaced my… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-10-10 19:34
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I am feelingfrustratedfrustrated
Listening tothe Beach Boys - Feel Flows
Back in April when I was gonna leave Melbourne, I misplaced my ticket.. and guess what.. I found it last night at the bottom of the box that my cousin brought back for me.. urgh

Anyway yesterday, I had dinner with Cindy at Victoria Station.. =) before that, she went to her orthodontist appointment near KLCC, I didn't go along cos I wasn't supposed to.. it's something that she'll tell me later.. I wonder what it is.. At first I thought that her braces were coming off yesterday itself but instead it's more like next visit time. Sooo... I don't know what it is.. I wondered a bit but hey I'll know in due time.. =)

then.. oh yeah.. dinner.. food was quite.. tasty but my steak was a tad small. I mean it was just 2 tiger prawns and a piece of meat the size of a burger pate.. miniscule.. bleh
then me being the nice cousin that I was, I went to pick Su Hong up from the airport.. he had just arrived last night.. so yeah.. half an hour there, half an hour back.. =D
went for some supper.. my dinner just wasn't enough =) went to petaling st for supper.. yum.. haha
dropped him home and then came back.

Cindy stayed over.. morning got up, caught the cab to college and went for my classes. Was late for the first one.. but oh well =) After economics tute, I had 3 hours to kill before we were supposed to meet up for the tournament...
then.. oh yeah Payal called me, there was a problem with her driver getting the cake, so it was up to me to go get it.. Then Cindy skipped her class so I had a problem.. Luckily William is a nice guy.. =) He consented to getting it... =)
so chilled out at the MUSA lounge.. then went upstairs to the comp lab to tell Payal, saw Deepa and Jane.. went back to the cafeteria and since there wasn't many ppl, and it was time for class, candle-blowing and cake cutting was postponed to tomorrow at 11..

Anyway, I left for my basketball thing.. well at least this time we got to the KBU college.. but it rained AGAIN.. didn't rain yesterday but rained today.. so after wasting 2 and a half hours waiting, we left.. and as we were about to leave, rain stopped.. sigh.. but too late, game had already been postponed to saturday.. so Chyuan dropped me off.. and I had my shower..
and that's the end of my day.. Trish just got her journal code from Sharon.. well I asked anyway.. she's SUCH a nice girl.. even though she's singaporean.. haha =) kidding
emm.. so .. I'll have another psycho person's journal to read.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY! Happy 18th birthday to Cindy
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