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Haven't been online in a bit.. had some 'problems' with my internet… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-10-06 12:50
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Haven't been online in a bit.. had some 'problems' with my internet connection. =(

Thursday I had more training.. I ended up feeling like puking my guts out but I didn't have the chills anymore so I guess it's an improvement. Cindy didn't show up again cos she wanted to do her accounting assignment.. so I went home.. and I can't really remember what I did now.. hmm.. I think I didn't do anything and just stayed home.. but I could be wrong.. bleh don't think I injured anyone that day... =)

Friday was yet another training.. it was going okay until near the end. I sprained my right ankle again but it feels alright already now.. em.. then I went for lunch with the guys. The previous 2 days I just had iced chinese tea.. lol =) It was a clumsy day that friday.. I sprained my ankle. When I was paying for my chicken rice, i dropped money, then I dropped the change, then to cap it ALL off.. I put the tray on the table, and somehow the whole tray managed to fall.. sigh.. but luckily they were really nice. They gave me a replacement for free! =) and the food is good so.. I say it's jolly nice of them. I was gonna pay but the auntie said it was okay.. hehe.
I went home, moped around a bit. Did some work.. then had dinner.. oh wait.. I didn't have dinner.. I waited for Cindy to be done with her stuff then she accompanied me to my dinner at ming tien. then.. dunno what to do... and was tired so sent her home.
Saturday work was pretty alright.. was working non-stop but wasn't all that boring.. lol
some of it was heavy work but hey.. that's part and parcel of it. Everyone's so nice to me cos they know that I'm being paid peanuts.. lol
emm.. after work, went to see Cindy.. I MISS CINDY WONG L*** P***
I convinced her to have dinner with my family.. lol she has family phobia =) then drinks at starbucks.. erm.. went to look for Ed at CB..
anyway.. we went to watch "My wife is 18" it's funny.. =) worth the money.. lol. It's a new movie. Catch it if u can! =)
anyway... Going out for lunch.. later peeps
short one today.. haha
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