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Bada bing Bada Boom - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-09-28 02:46
Subject: Bada bing Bada Boom
Security: Public
I am feelingtiredtired
rain is bad
it rained again
in the middle of training.. AGAIN!! twice in a row.. bloody weather
morning was basically same as yesterday's except that Aiwina was there.. or she did come later... and the bus was about 40 minutes later than my arrival time... I was a touch late for class but no biggie.. so aiwina had LAN exam so that's the only reason why she went for class on that day.
then.. class, had an early lunch after class..
then played snooker..
Liz didn't show up today.. So I didn't have to do my shift... therefore I was left with nothing to do and no one to hang out with.. blek
Found some peeps in the cafeteria.. and just chilled there till class
class.. well again I wasn't really paying attention, I'm gonna read up no probability and regression.. have to prepare for exams.
Then after class, had a marketing assignment discussion.. ended up talking about YY's paranoid bf.. I dunno how girls put up with a guy like this. He puts a lot of restrictions on her.. poor girl.
There was a slave auction today by the CiMP program.. the lecturers were all dressed up disgustingly.
erm.. nothing much else.. Got WY to send me home
then went back to Uni for basketball.. and it rained.
Oh yeah, called HK too and told him that I won't be going after all. Taking the bus to Penang isn't an option
So went for a drink.. got Cindy and me and Aimann went to Jaffar's for some drinks and Cindy had her dinner.. she'd just finished her management assignment.. so ONE left.. while I have 3.. bloody hell.
Came home, had dinner then badminton.. apparently it's gonna be the last week.. no one can be bothered to go anymore, lol. One less exercise..
After badminton, went to get drinks at Pan Bakery.. went to pick Cindy up again and Aimann came to follow.
Had drinks there then KT and Fook had to go.. so we sat there somemore.. I ended up driving to KL and we had supper at Tengkat Tong Shin.
sent her home
and I had my shower and my eyes can barely stay open..
I think it's a sign that I should be sleeping
good night!

according to cindy, this was a defining moment in our relationship due to a comment that Aimann made.. We didn't seem at all like a couple.. =) (posted 13/12/2002)
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