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well.. I got 24/30 for my marketing mid-sem.. Since it constitutes… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-09-27 01:35
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I am feelingpissed offpissed off
Listening toEminem - Cleanin Out My Closet
well.. I got 24/30 for my marketing mid-sem.. Since it constitutes 10% of my marks.. I guess I'm happy with it.. =)
Anyway.. back to MY day.. as per my usual updates.
i got up at 7.19am.. lol I still remember the time, then I got ready and was ready to go.. then I noticed everyone but my mom and me was still asleep and that means my sister is gonna be late.. So I actually went back upstairs to wake her up.. hahaha so brotherly of me.

Got a question for you guys
Would you help a friend by buying up their house and then renting it to them lower? And you're by no means very well off.. just comfortable.. so would you?

anyway.. veering off again
I went to the bus stop at 7.50+ AM.. still waiting at 8.20, 8.30, you get the picture.. It finally came at 8.50am.. and GUESS WHAT, That would mean that I'm gonna be late but WHAT am I to do.. anyway.. bus was ALSO packed.. bleh
oh yeah I notice these things ( read on )
There was this chick wearing this like loose white t-shirt thingo.. it was short.. as in just cover the belly but still manage to be large up at the top.. so it was kinda loose.. and she had a red cardi on..
She kept pulling at it, and I notice that she was.. large up top and the generous white top opening coupled with its looseness threatened to give every guy in that vicinity an eyeful. but she kept yanking at the cardi.. and I was just thinking to myself.. why don't she
A) wear a tighter top?
B) wear shapeless tops which goes up to the neck?
C) zip up the bloody cardigan
Girls.. *rolls eyes*
anyway.. Abel was on the same bus as well.. he was actually contemplating not going to college at all.. Sadly, that option is not available to me
Got there.. went for class.. ermm.. then went for breakfast, I actually managed to withdraw some money cos the ATM actually dispensed 10 ringgit notes.
but.. I already spent 10 bucks on food today.. sigh
can't exactly remember what happened after breakfast.. I remember we ended up being nearly late for Econs tute.. I remember being in the cafeteria for a while after that, then remember seeing WY but don't think she saw me..
anyway... class was a bit of a stretch for me cos I didn't really prepare. and as usual, mid-way through it, I got really sleepy. Managed to stay focus / ( also known as looking like I'm paying attention ) =P then.. went to Pink shop.. oh yeah before that we found Kare. WAIT! I think I got the order of events wrong.. lol
We met Karen AFTER breakfast and chat a bit and paid the money ( Daniel ) for the Genting trip..
then we met Huy at the Cafeteria. I'll have some photos up soon from my PD trip.. but you'll notice me and those in my car missing from it for most of them.. lol you'll see the reason why in my journal.. I mean you would remember it from my journal as to the WHY.. =)
anyway where was I? oh yeah
AFTER Econs tute. btw.. there was a funny joke =) but I can't remember how it went exactly so I can't do a re-tell.
anyway.. before we went to eat, we went to the MUSA lounge and played ONE game of pool =). E was there. Not really sure if I explained why she's called just E but it's because her name is Yee but a lot of people get it wrong so they just call her E now.. She's cute in a little girl sort of way.. I call her pipsqueak.. lol ..I had a snack at Pink. Then we went back to uni. Sat at upper foyer and waited for YY to discuss marketing assignment.. but girls can never stick to their plans.. =P *wonder how many are gonna kill me for this remark*
ermm.. she went to get her friend Belinda or something like that to do the accounting first.. so we were just sitting there dunno what to do.. then ugh.. wait
I'm getting my time-line all confused...
restart from leaving pink. went to upper foyer, then wait for YY then.. I saw Cindy at the other end, so I went to get her. Then Payal walked past then Adelene as well. Cindy went with Payal to eat. Then YY went to get her friend and .. I think I messed up again.. lol WHO CARES! =P
basically.. YY and friend left, cindy and Payal left. Then PY showed up. She was early .. lol
after talking and stuff, I introduced her to everyone around there.. except adelene.. forgot.. haha
talked shit, then went to get a drink at corner shop.. I thought she was gonna buy.. lol
anyway.. when she left, we still had an hour to kill.. So went to play snooker.. Waited for nearly an hour for those lousy guys to finish. Then we played.. Cindy came then.. hehe *huGz*
played doubles for a while but then Cindy didn't feel like playing anymore.. So it was me vs William/Adelene combo. I won hands down... it was a white-wash. I was on FIRE =)
2nd game.. I sucked.. lol. Reason why there was a 2nd game was because it was raining and we couldn't get to class.. so played another frame. This other guy joined us and he's bloody good..

finally went for class, I got a call from Vivien asking me to buy some drinks.. which I actually did purchase but after attempting vending machine, and getting the mineral water.. I was thirsty.. hehe so I had the mineral water.. nothing for her and Kong.
I thought we were late for class, but when we got there.. all we had was a survey to fill up. William went to the comp lab with Adelene, then Peter and Daniel came in.. saw what was there then went back out.. =) Then lecturer came in and taught for a while then it was the end. Sat around with Cindy for a while, then saw Payal.. stayed to talk for a bit.. I managed to hitch a ride then.. yippee =)
then this other girl.. can't remember her name went along with Payal to stay wtih her.
So I got my lift home.. Changed then went for basketball.. Put in a few good games.. but I still need work on my positioning and some other things.
came back.. heard my sister yelling again. sat down to cool off, then had dinner.. and then a shower
and YEA that's the end of it.. FINALLY.. my god
what a long-winded post.. I don't wanna do this so often.. hehe
must post less and condense more!
I'm done
so I'm outta here
Au Revoir!
oh yeah.. missed out some things =)
I might not be going to Penang tomorrow due to transportation problems and the inflexibility of the other driver.. I must say I am a tad disappointed. It's like saying that CM's company is preferred to the rest of us.. because the whole reason why it was postponed in the first place was because CM's exams weren't over yet.. so.. yea..
I dunno
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Lean, mean, fighting machine
User: mishlean
Date: 2002-09-26 10:54 (UTC)
Subject: *awww*
Don't worry - if they really knew you, they'd prefer your company over CM's any day. I would. But that might not mean much 'cause I have no clue who CM is in the first place but yeah. As for the Penang trip...there will be others. Take care. Off to Sydney tomorrow!
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2002-09-26 21:08 (UTC)
Subject: Re: *awww*
bleh =)
Don't think you met him.. AT might know him though.. why are you going to Sydney?
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