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hallelujah. not - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-09-21 01:26
Subject: hallelujah. not
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continued from previous post
Wednesday I went for my accounting class as usual.. covered bank reconciliation statements.. brr.. bad stuff man =P
anyway.. after that went.. there seems to be a bit of a blank.. OH YEAH! I remember now..
I was about to go off but then I stopped for a while to talk to Vivien, she was dressed quite demurely that day so yeah . Stayed with her for a while and talked a bit while waiting for Kong to get back from sending his gf to work.. =) I wasn't in a hurry cos I still had to wait for Cindy and Payal.. they were still sleeping.. sigh I ain't sure what happened for that one hour.. or maybe it wasn't an empty hour after all.. hmm.. dunno can't remember
had lunch at this Italian place at TTDI.. quite deserted. I had a Fettucine Carbonara.. quite nice I guess but too much sauce.. When you have pastas which are cream based.. too much sauce is a bad thing cos it makes u.. a little nauseous =P but it was good pasta. I originally wanted some breaded mushroom for entrees but no luck.. them damn cockroaches stole them all!! hehe kidding
Aimann came later.. oh and Cindy had her very first bite of tiramisu.. lol personally I don't really like that stuff.. bleh
then then.. emm.. went over to my place to chill for a bit. Watched a bit of Reign of Fire.. but the DVD that I had was a bit.. skippy.. missed quite a lot of bits.. got annoyed and shut it off. They ( Aimann and Payal ) left before 4 so that she could help Eka ( another girl ) with an assignment. So it was just me and Cindy left.. I got fed up and shut it off... ( only after they left did I shut it off ), then had a nap.. actually more than a nap.. almost a full sleep cos only got up at like 10.. then showered, then I had my dinner. Oh yeah met up with YC that night =) and got drinks with her at Williams. Actually went to Murni but it was closed.. hehe by MPPJ ( municipal council ). Then they got their naans I just sat and watched and eventually had to help both of them finish the naans.
Sent YC home.. Then Cin stayed over.. =)
Next day, gave the first lecture a miss, then met the guys and then had tutorial.. got praised for preparing.. lol ( prepared like 10-20 minutes before hand. Then went to Pyramid and had lunch there at Cable car.. I have to stop splurging on food like that.. sigh.. I'm so broke.. went to check my bank accounts today. One has 30 bucks the other has 40.. shit.
anyway.. after lunch, went to a cyber cafe and played a bit of game. I got nauseous just looking at William play. Wasn't feeling good during lecture so I slept through most of it. After that.. Cindy wanted to eat so.. went to eat. Dropped her home and I went home to change to play bball. Ball was okay.. we beat this bunch of guys after they beat us the first time 11-6. We beat them 11-9.
It was quite good since we had a lame player ( me ) and they were all fast and had pretty good ball control skills and could reach as high or higher than me even though they were short.. maybe about 5'7" ? or so.. so yeah they were bloody fast.. shit... I'm lame because I sprained my ankle... pretty badly.. I still can't walk properly till today.
hmm.. Joo Bee called all the way from Melbourne to talk.. so nice right =) hehe Told me that OJA is.. well basically complained that I am giving her the cold shoulder.. now I'm contemplating ( just a little ) whether or not I should bother explaining myself to her so that she knows where I'm coming from. Then Cindy said she was hungry.. so I dashed off.. to pick her up and bring her to eat.. naan.. again =) at williams... then ended up staying at my place for the night.. =)
Today I skipped all my classes. Just lazed in with Cindy... for some reason, I'm feeling very rested.. and no nothing exceedingly naughty was done.. just regular stuff.. like snogging.. 'sall.. =P hmm.. I wonder if she'll kill me for this.. hehe
Went to meet the guys at Pink and had some lunch.. William paid for me.. I owe william quite a bit of money.. drat
I detest being perpetually broke.. sigh
went to Giant but before that we went to the Taipan area to withdraw money. Then Huy called and I decided we were in no big hurry so went to pick him up from college and it was Me, Shauki, William and Huy who went to Giant to buy the stuff.. the billl eventually came up to 114 bucks for 14 ppl.. =) shauki went to buy more chicken and charcoal later.. just in case it wasn't enough.. so yeah I waited for Cindy a while, while she got ready .. then I came home had my dinner, shower, then went back out to get dinner for her. Ended up at William's again.
emm.. after that picked Alison up and her brother Ivan. We went to pick Payal up and had ice-cream at this place in Bangsar. Aimann was supposed to show but he didn't in the end. We left and I dropped everyone off and came home alone.. I took too long typing this post up.. sigh
gotta go to sleep now
lataz peeps
have a nice weekend

btw.. I got the Kenny Rogers song.. happy happy =)
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2002-09-22 06:51 (UTC)
Subject: Tsk!
Goddamn you're long winded!!!


I should record my cat and post the file up and you can then decide who's more long winded...you or the cat:P

Urgh....speaking of the cat, I HAVENT SLEEP IN THREE DAYS!!! ARGHHH!!!!!! Stupid cat...whinge whinge whinge whinge.....YOu know? THe I WANT ATTENTION NOW whinge....

btw, the cat says hi. he's busy trying to chew off his cast. ANd he doesnt appreciate people talking about him on their website...

WIsh me luck...i have tomorrow a stupid solo 20 minute presentation of which i drew up today on #$*()#$*(*# stem cell research and the australian govt......never take arts subjects...NEVER.

so....had a good time with Cindy staying over? hahah! Were you a good little boy?
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2002-09-22 11:55 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Tsk!
besides it was only a little mention.. =) he should feel.. ermm.. ( can't think of that word right now.. )
that he gets a mention on my journal.
stem cell research sounds very interesting =)
and erm.. yes i had a good time
and i'm a very good boy! i regret that you attempt to insinuate all this.. innuendoes.. =P
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