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What are YOU looking at? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-09-13 00:34
Subject: What are YOU looking at?
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I am feelingamusedamused
Listening toLiberty - Thinking It Over (Radio Edit)
I... emm.. went for class.. then after that waited at the foyer.. I tell you, vivien is a violent girl.. stay FAR FAR AWAY! =) then waited for Cindy.. took her to the orthodontist you see. It's somewhere near KLCC.. then when that was done.. I took her to 1U so that she can go to IKEA and get her mirror.. =) my dear likes that mirror alot .. lol
then.. at my place for a while.. doing nothing much.. she actually fell asleep watching XXX so I guess she was tired. Sent her home, went for my training and.. yeah.. nothing else that night.
Didn't get the Asam Laksa as I said I would for Cindy and Pei Ying.. though in my defence.. I went and waited in line after training but it was already sold out.. =(
( btw got complaint that my journal is bout the things I do.. =) well.. original random thoughts are hard to come by.. so these will have to do for the moment )

Thursday... got up at friggin 5 then 6 then 6.30am..
I have a lot of ppl waking me up.. they don't even let my alarm bloody ring.. sigh
Got up.. picked Aiwina up and dropped her at Inti.. got to college EARLY.. and just waited and waited until 8.. sat for the test.. I didn't really want to sit for it actually. I just wanted to see how the format was like. =)
then.. lecture.. after that breakfast. Had an upset stomach again.. sigh..
I was early for econs tute.. during the middle of the tute.. I felt REALLY sleepy all of a sudden.. weird =) then I struggled to stay awake.. finally able to and it was class over.
I went to register for the 3 on 3 tournament which is gonna be held today.. Oh saw that girl whom I said was pretty at the MBC counter when I joined up.. her name is Karen and she was asking us if we wanted to go to Genting.. for a trip at the end of the month. Huy was really interested but he'd only go if one of us ( other guys ) went.. sigh =) like girl only.. hehe
Then lunch.. then.. they wanted to go play snooker.. AGAIN.. and i was like fuck that.. do something else =P
so I wandered all over college
went to the comp lab.. no free comps.. talked to Clarence a bit.. still no comps.. while I was talking to Clarence.. I basically saw the rest of the world pass by the window.. Most saw me and waved.. the rest just breezed past.. Cindy being one of those who breezed past.. hmph =)
then.. went to the library and disturbed Jeannie and Hwey Jun .. Jeannie was basically just sleeping so.. yeah =)
then.. they went for class and I went to look for other ppl.. oh yeah.. found Yan Yan then I bugged her for a bit.. saw WY then.. saw Karen again.. I think I saw her like 3-4 times today.. oh yeah my MBC card is ready to be collected.. sort of =)
Then I went to the comp lab.. this time, I actually got a comp. Can't remember who it was who gave up her comp.. I know her.. =) but just can't place the face and name.
Went for lecture.. William was on a 'recruitment' drive.. for our PD trip.. =) I'm not sure if he was successful or not but as of now.. the number stands at 13 with.. 5 or 6 would go if it wasn't that weekend.. bleh.. can't accommodate everyone so .. don't care!
William and Shauki attempted to ask Bei Bei for drinks after class but she was in a hurry to go home.. =) lol she walks FAST =)
emm.. had drinks.. then went home.. brought Afeef along with me to see if he could play basketball.. we had a 5 on 5 with the ppl down at the court.. omigod.. Shauki didn't run.. Afeef was out of breath within 5 mins.. so.. yeah we lost
the tournament is gonna be fun.. ( notice dry sarcastic tone )
sent him home and I've been home ever since..
sigh.. so yeah.. that's my past 2 days..
no random thoughts coming through yet
lol =) ciao all
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