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haven't been posting much because it just isn't happening. To recap… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-03-02 14:32
Subject: (no subject)
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haven't been posting much because it just isn't happening. To recap last week.. Saw my cousin on wednesday. He just got here on Monday. He's gonna be living in Burwood.. HA HA HA.. =P anyway brought him around to look for handphones and computers.. Then he went back after dinner. Next day.. Vincent came by for a while.. he gave me a cdrw as a christmas present. How nice of him right? but not I feel guilty for not getting him one though.. He stayed for a short while, we talked and stuff.. then went back.

Thursday, helped Michele give out the magazine that she's the editor of. Now I know how those ppl who give stuff out feel.. The look of "I don't want it please don't try and give it to me" to the flat out cold rejection or the weird ass reply "nah It's cool" why is it cool? sheesh.. Took about hour plus to 2 hours. I even showed a new student the way to Bullwinkle.. so helpful me *proud* hehe. Then went for a really late lunch and after that I bummed around at her place. She has 2 kittens which she insists are cuter than mine.. Me thinks she's just warped sense of cute.. cos they are definitely NOT cuter than Ser. Left quite late..

Yesterday. Uncle arrived. so Had dinner with him and aunt. Called my cousin to come along as well. After that we went to watch black hawk down with vincent . It's a movie with a lot of blood, gore, slow-mo shots of the firing of the guns and the expelling of the empty shells from the guns.. Very much a guy movie IMO..
And that's that.. really uninteresting life... =) cya round..
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