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WASSSUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP *takes a deep breath* *coughs* - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-09-03 01:01
Subject: WASSSUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP *takes a deep breath* *coughs*
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I am feelingdazed
Listening toClose to You
okay.. first off.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELE.. I know I forgot to say it that night and I really really apologise.. hehe

next up..

I believe it went something like this,

Spent the WHOLE day with Cindy.. except for a little part when she told me to go home and get a shower before we went out at night.. she's a stickler for cleanliness.. bleh picked Michele up from the airport.. waited a whole hour for that girl.. blek
then sent her to Anthony's place.. of course I knew that he was a rich guy.. just never really knew how rich.. =) anyway.. dropped her there.. then went to look for the guys.. nothing much to do.. mahjong AGAIN.. this time... well.. here's the deal. When Cindy was sitting by my side, my cards were .. to put plainly, bad. but when she went away, there was an instant improvement.. now I'm not saying she's a jinx.. merely maybe her aura is.. not happy with me playing mahjong.. =)
ermm.. mamak.. then went off back to continue but CS took over this time, so didn't play. I left after a while.. Dad's call helped somewhat. =)

Did assignment the whole bloody day, KY called to play mahjong too but had to do work!
so... had dimsum for lunch, dinner with uncle and granma.. Oh yea! My aunt, she WON a 325i BMW at Genting ( casino ). How's that for lucky.. =) She had already ordered a CLK due to arrive today ( MONDAY )
then saw Cindy for a bit, dropped by Ed's place then went home..

I'm ashamed to say but I skipped my first ever class.. Accounting lecture.. I miscalculated the amount of time I'd need to complete my 2 assignments.. I finished it at 3.45 pm.. and then went to college to print it out.. there were ZILLIONS of ppl printing their assignments and for some reason.. parts of mine didn't print out.. after numerous attempts, I gave up.. oh I also brought the WRONG assignment to be printed.. ( diskette ) Daniel, Kiki, Kelvin, JJ, they were all there printing too.. hehe
Oh Vivian was there was well.. I'm still wondering if I should ask her to go to PD.. cos Shauki told me to, though I'm pretty sure that she'll say no.. =) but what the heck =)
soo.. I'm handing both of the assignments up tomorrow.. with a penalty of 5% i think.. sigh
Played basketball, then had dinner.. oh here's the rest of my PEACHY day..
MOM forgot to turn the rice cooker on.. so the rice wasn't cooked. ended up eating porridge. NOT that that's a big deal, but had to wait another 10 minutes. AFTER dinner.. I had to scramble to pick Cindy up.. waited for her.. then ran a red light. got STOPPED by the police.. =) my first time actually.. hahaha I've never been summoned even though I drive like a madman sometimes.. anyway.. the way he went about warning me seemed suspiciously like he was fishing for a bribe but I could be wrong.. =) anyway he let me off the hook and I sped off to pick Pei Ying up.. actually went PAST her house.. but yeah so ... got it in the end.. then sped OFF to Midvalley..
I was SOOO late.. by nearly half an hour.. sigh.. I really need to work on my time management.
I saw.. Deanna Yusoff.. a Malaysian actress who's stopped acting I think.. she's a mixed.. so... quite attractive I guess =)
ermm.. the movie 'So Close' wasn't too bad but a lot of unrealistic parts.. It was a movie premiere and I got free tickets to it. I originally asked for 2.. but then I told PY that I was watching it for free.. she wanted in as well.. I got 1 more eventually.. and yeah she came along =)
anyway.. I dropped everyone home.. and now i'm here.. a tad hungry though.. sigh.. was thinking of buying back some mee goreng. oh well
i'll just go boil water and make instant! =)
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