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today was... stupid.. I swear. Half the time, the comps were down..… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-08-30 00:51
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I am feelingaccomplishedaccomplished
Listening toA Du (Tian Hei - 02) - Tian Hei
today was... stupid.. I swear. Half the time, the comps were down.. domain was unavailable.. damn servers were down.. =) gotta love malaysian shit.
Shauki picked me up from college today cos he wanted to get a copy of Mabel's assignment from me.. =) Mabel's pretty friendly I suppose but she talks.. the way she talks reminds me of a singaporean.
emm.. I did whatever I could do for my assignment and then went to meet Jing Jing, BS, Ed .. It's Jing's bday today.. as in THURSDAY! so HAPPY 22nd! =)
I brought Cindy along cos.. well she's my other half.. =)
talked, laughed .. ate
then went home. I had my very first hug today.. hehe
as in with Cindy.. I'm really taking this one slow.. =P

emm.. I think I should be heading to bed
anotehr 9 o clock class tomorrow
better call shauki tomorrow morning, see if he can give me a ride.. Oh yea ! I saw Irina today.. she takes the bus before the one I usually take.. which is bloody early.. bleagh. oh well =)


oh yeah.. the PD trip is gathering momentum. 14 ppl and counting
4 cars.. =) COOL!
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