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let's see... - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-08-13 11:42
Subject: let's see...
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I am feelingcontemplativecontemplative
Listening toAh Du - Ta Yi Ding Heng Ai Ni
Yesterday.. I went to college/uni early to get some work done. got some lunch, met up with the guys and then went to the lab, saw this cute chick there.. lol I'm surrounded by them.. sort of.. NOT literally.. ermm.. finally got it to work properly then printed it, saw at another chick at another lab cos the comp that i was on in that lab didn't print.
class was very boring and I was late, yet again. After class, went to pyramid sat down at a cafe and chilled.. played a frame of snooker.. I should seriously avoid all activities that I'm bad at.. but then I'd have nothing left to do.. =(
came back then left for dinner, of course i would have to get a scolding.. =) otherwise my day just wouldn't be complete. I called home to tell my mom that I wasn't having dinner but she didn't pick her phone up.. =) so I forgot to call again later.. hehe and got scolding.. oh well
Picked Cindy up, then Lai Kuan and then met Ah Ree there.. I was late.. again =) hehe it's a disease I tell you. When we got there, I had to go.. =) so I went to look for a toilet, they're a rare thing in that part of the city.. I was gone for about 15 minutes just looking for them.. I went to macca's first, they didn't have one. Then I went down a bit and it didn't look like it had one so I went back up the st and crossed it to the hotel and guess what, it's broken down.. sigh
so I went down the st again and to this complex, guess where's the toilet at.. the 4th bloody floor.. how STUPID is that.. and to cap it off, have to pay 20 cents for it.. bleh
anyway.. dinner. For all the.. ermm.. not quite hype but something like that. LK was saying how good it was that's why I went there to eat. =) and it wasn't good...
then they went to buy cds, and after that went to look for that stall that I bought the game cds from.. couldn't find it for a long while until AR took the plunge and just picked one and tried to con them.. hehe but didn't work cos apparently only ONE stall sells the cds with the jewel case.. =) hehe and she beat a hasty retreat. Finally found that stall and then we left to get drinks elsewhere. AR and LK have a loads of funny stories to tell.. but i'm too lazy to retell them to you ppls =)
suffice to say, I was laughing very hard.. hehe
Sent Cindy back.. went home.. checked some stuff then went to bed....
There seems to be something going on between me and Cindy... not sure what's gonna happen.. =) will keep you peeps informed
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