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lemme see.. I wasn't really prepared for today's lecture.. nor for… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-08-07 09:49
Subject: (no subject)
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Listening toVanessa Carlton - Ordinary day
lemme see.. I wasn't really prepared for today's lecture.. nor for the presentation. The computers in the lab doesn't really allow u to print from ALL the computers.. Many of them had missing drivers. Anyway because of this I ended up late (AGAIN) for the marketing lecture. He asked me didn't I said before that I wasn't gonna be late anymore.. and me being the smart ass told him that I SAID I'd TRY nothing definite.. This seemed to set off the class. I think the class has a tendency to laugh at silly little things.. stupid.. ! =P
lecture was quite boring but I woke up near the end when he was talking about the BCG matrix. Suffice to say.. I KNOW IT !!! HAH! I'm a human sponge.. *grin*
ANYWAY.. tutorial, about 1/3 of my class went missing, I did my presentation which was done haltingly and with little content managed to scrape through with most of my dignity intact. BUT in my defence I've always been uncomfortable when the spotlight is on me. So I stumbled through it and my tutor says I MIGHT pass it.. sigh.. not very reassuring. I then waited for YC to come pick me up.. cos I was going dinner with her! =) haven't seen her in ages.. though not entirely my fault all the time.. hehe =)
anyway.. We had dinner in Sunway Pyramid.. and the fare wasn't too bad. Though my wallet is a tad light, will need to loan some money from mom first before I go withdraw money later... After dinner, walked about a bit.. oh yeah! baskin robbins.. yumm.. SWEET but.. yummy.. makes a person awfully thirsty though.. After walking abit somemore, she sent me home.. and been home since.. I really should prepare for things tomorrow and the day after but haven't found the motivation yet. I did however find a new person to talk on the phone with if ever I did have such an inclination.. not that I would.. *grin* Talked with Pei Ying for an hour plus, weird how you sometimes can talk to ppl you don't know too well. I was getting her to intro this friend of hers to me .. hehe
ONE of these days! =) one of these days.. anyway
that about sums up my day.. sure there are niggling little details which I left out... but part of the fun is imagining the things that happened.. if you were actually into that sort of thing.. hehe
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