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Ya know.. Today.. I went to KLCC with Fong Chien ( FC ) who's back… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-08-06 03:31
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I am feelingaccomplishedaccomplished
Ya know.. Today.. I went to KLCC with Fong Chien ( FC ) who's back from the UK for the summer break. We were originally just gonna have lunch but it extended into shopping. I bought some clothes since my wardrobe consists mainly of clothes which were bought before I turned 18... a little update was in order.. but in the end with my extremely limited finances, all I did was just buy 4 tops. 1 shirt and 3 t-shirts.. the t-shirts were el cheapoes =) RM 10 + RM 15 + RM 15. but the shirt was a British India.. RM 111... =P
came back, bummed a bit and then played more basketball.. not many ppl today.. soo ended up shooting some baskets.. I actually managed to get 7 in a row. woohoo =) big accomplishment. Now I just need to incorporate some consistency into it. Came back and been reading the book that I bought.. oh yeah!! after we were done with the shopping.. got into the car and THEN found out that the damn car had a FLAT! not amusing I tell you.. It's actually my first time changing a tire.. =) I sure do hope the rest of the cars at home have a bloody hydraulic jack cos using the screw ones just ain't funny. I've finally finished the book.. All I have right now is a bloody headache.. and an unfinished presentation.. I had a flash of inspiration and here I am at 3.30am tapping away.. blek
On a totally different note, I have downloaded something like 3Gb since I've gotten streamyx. I'm damn proud of myself
muahaha =) maximising the use out of this thing.. hehe
I should stop now and go back to my assignment
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