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I've an urge to learn how to sing this song... anyone korean? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-08-01 21:15
Subject: I've an urge to learn how to sing this song... anyone korean?
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I am feelingtired & contented..
Listening toKiss - Because I'm A Girl
I just want to slouch down somewhere and have a nice icy cold drink and watch anime all day long but that's what I want .. Back in the real world or. positive statement ( something from microecons ), I have to do tons of work to catch up.. So for starters.. I'll need to place a lot of calls to get my books..
Today was another reasonable day. I woke up before everyone did and my mom was quite surprised.. heh.. =) I was at the bus stop at 7.50 am.. plenty of time to spare.. I even got a copy of The Edge ( for cutting edge business news ), and was reading.. and my stomach went from bad to worse.. not a good omen but we shouldn't be so superstitious =P
I hurried on back after half an hour of waiting and el stupido bus was just arriving then but that couldn't be helped.. call of nature STRONGER!! =) time was 8.20am.
Dad decided that he'd be benevolent and send me to uni.. =) got there in the nick of time.. actually just slightly late but then so was a lot of ppl.. =P
let's see.. can't really remember what happened in lecture.. Stats right now is simple excel stuff and it's simple =)
hrmm.. today I met MORE ppl.. and somehow MORE from GIS too.. bleh
I met William ( a taiwanese ), and Yek who are from jb's year and the latter from a year younger.. then there was a parade of names after one of the break and .. I will be honest and say I can't remember any... hehe maybe it'll come to me after a while.
Shauki mentioned something about this fine girl with a nice body and told me to go know her then introduce him to her.. weird but then I'm doing the same thing with Daniel.. another new acquaintance.. lol =)
Just to recap
Siong Han, Leonard, Nelson, Arief, Danny, Jenny, Cindy, Angeline, Cindy, Li Yen, Shauki, Daniel, William, Aimann, Clarence, Khong, Huey, Flora, Pratiwi, Mark, Jane, Yek, Andri, Jo, Kiki (guy), Sue Ann... I think that's all.. ppl i'd like to know.. =) He Bei Bei ( pronounced pei pei ), and those 2 other chicks.. mmm =) I think that's about it.. =)
ppl I hang out with, mainly Shauki and I think maybe William and Mark.. Tomorrow is a new day! =) must meet more..
oh anyway
where was i.. oh yeah.. was at this dark smoky place playing cards for about an hour and half.. I also learned a new game today called Alvin's game.. =) Went to the library with William after that and exchanged life stories for about an hour.. hehe I yak alot =)
There's this girl that Shauki's interested in knowing already.. but she has a rep as a fisherperson.. =) ( I'm hearing a lot of shit from the ppl I meet.. hehe )
ermm.. Shauki met this girl called Verina or something like that.. and I was trying to make the connection.. as to WHY the name was SOOOO familiar.. after a while it hit me. It was the name of Peh Ying's chun friend.. haha =) fancy that a 3rd year student taking 1st year management and is in his class.. and he actually talked to her.. what a small and cute little world.. =)
played basketball just now and shit my body is aching bad.. and tomorrow is the try-outs and then there's the badminton every Friday.. and work the next day.. I think I'm just about ready to collapse..
And I have to finish my presentation by the weekend cos monday I'm gonna get some basketball coaching as well as dinner with LK and SY, been putting that off for sometime already.. ARGHHHH...
4 assignments to due in 3 weeks time
3 exams
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Joobs - Tan
User: joobs
Date: 2002-08-01 15:50 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Har? What's a fisherperson? haha. a fisherwoman?
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2002-08-01 22:17 (UTC)
Subject: Re:
someone who fishes
you know like tease them .. then play it cool
the tease again.
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Joobs - Tan
User: joobs
Date: 2002-08-02 10:52 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
well i've never heard that term used b4.. =p new to me. hehee
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