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So Little time.. =) peace ppl.. love you guys - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-07-31 20:34
Subject: So Little time.. =) peace ppl.. love you guys
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I am feelinghappyhappy
Listening to(Ayumi Hamasaki) {Japanese} - M
what do i say about today.. nice start to the day, no one screaming at me to wake up.. dallied about and when I actually left the house, had to run lol cos the bus was nearly at the stop.. got there in the nick of time really.. *phew*
on the bus.. was just standing cos there was no seat.. I swear I keep getting them funny looks.. maybe I forgot to zip up or something.. hmm.. must have been that =)
anyway... I was early for class so just mucking about outside
Mark is in my accounting tute as well.. BUT Aimann and Shauki isn't.. wankers all got it wrong. bleh
anyway.. met more ppl today.. a girl called angeline and another guy called.. not too sure actually.. heh =) one of mark's friends..
Had lunch then went to the lab to print stuff.. SHIT damn a lot of my notes kept going missing.. had to reprint a few times.. definitely stuff to annoy
saw one of the targets there as well.. oh yeah.. found out He Bei Bei ( the name is definitely for real ) has a bf.. and he's also from china.. and Chinese can get a little.. protective.. towards their .. belongings? =)
oh well.. haha
but she's sweet looking.. and I like sweet looking
hrmm.. =) the things guys do.. hehe
anyway came back and went to get my new IC.. shit.. I look like a dope with that picture on.. sigh..
bummed about a bit.. my ADSL is back online and I'm downloading massive amounts .. muahahaha
ermm.. watched quite a lot of anime as well on tv.. and now i'm tapping away at the keyboard.. aGAIN
there wassomething I wanted to amke a note of.. but I can't remember now
It's KT's bday today so I think i'll be giong out later to celebrate with my buddy =)
it's also FC's bday today.. happy birthday you beer guzzler.. I think he should be back now but I don't really know.. the bunch of ppl I hung out with when I was in Sunway the first time, well I don't see them anymore. Ppl like FC, Roger, CJ and Keeg
they're all living their own lives and I guess I'm living mine as well... I've stopped being sentimental about so many things.. and I reckon it's because I'm busy.. so much of the time now..
yay for me.. =)
anyway ciao ppl
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