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doowah! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-07-30 21:08
Subject: doowah!
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I was having the most awful of sensations..
stomach aches for the earlier half of the day!!! I'll spare the gory details... needless to say I smelled things that shouldn't be smelled too often or too much.. *faints*
But I recovered sufficiently to go for class.. There was this girl on the bus who was just staring.. it was kinda weird.. I was bored so I stared back.. lol
Marketing was just a recap of last week with more details and I was a teensy weensy late AGAIN... bloody hell.. but seeing how I seem to be able to reply the lecturer.. it was alright.. though the whole class did laugh .. blek
after that I had marketing tute and I think I talked too much... I asked the tutor who he was.. lol and he was like you don't know who I am? hahaha. He's actually the other lecturer but I'm in another lecture so I wouldn't know who this sucker is.. I have a presentation next week so it's NOT good. and I have no idea what that question is going on about.. sigh
played basketball after class.. I went prepared this time.. whee.. lost both times.. heh but I did enough for them to tell me to go for the try-out on friday.. soo.. yeah =)
Friday is gonna be MAD! classes till 2, then basketball at 4- about 7 then badminton from 9-11... *sob*
i don't think i'll be able to work on saturday.. just want to die.. hehe
Oh.. I met Daniel, Huey, Sue Ann and also Mark. Daniel is gonna introduce me to one of the girls that i'm interested in.. yay =)
while I was playing basketball.. or waiting to play basketball there was this 2 chicks playing tennis.. mm... nice long legs.. hehe
anyway! that's all for today
all you ppl in melbourne.. ENJOY THE COLD cos I sure miss it.. =(
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