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hmm.. Friday Didn't drive to badminton. Sat in the freak show of an… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-07-28 11:53
Subject: (no subject)
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Didn't drive to badminton. Sat in the freak show of an excuse for a car.. I swear chinese ed ppl's idea of nice and what-nots are SOOOO wayyy different. anyway... =)
badminton yada yada.. ermm.. then typical... drinks then home.
Spent the whole morning woodworking due to the little fact that we're opening another shop. and the racks needed wooden bases.. sooo... guess who's the useless menial labour person.. =)
my back and arm aches.. bloody hell! STILL!! y'know I don't think my thought patterns are linear.. hehe gonna have a lot of fun doing assignments cos all my points will be all over the place.. haha
I notice lectures have either a tendency to say you all ( colloquial shit ) OR you know?
they punctuate their sentences with those phrases..
Anyway.. then lunch, and did more menial task and then it was over! It started drizzling at that point in time and I was not amused. I was looking forward to playing a little ball and bloody god damn stupid idiotic moron of a weather god decides to make it rain at the bloody evening.. nearly every damn day. I'm sure there's a neat little scientific explanation for it but .. lazy to find out. Oh yeah I hit my head on one of the racks.. =( and then there's this bee hive in one of the boxes.. we're smoking them out.. t'was cool! =)
I got a haircut after work n then found out that I'm supposed to get my OWN dinner and .. yeah.. not amused AGAIN.. I'm not easily humoured.. hmm.. =)
So after getting a few ' Sorry la bro, busy ', I got HK and BS .. again =P
and we went to Kampung Baiduri to have some malay food.. it(the food) was cold and not very nice.. =|
Then I played mahjong with KY and CS. My luck was bad AGAIN!.. hahaha should teach me a lesson with that.. don't gamble.. *grin* It took a remarkably short time for them to divest me of some 30 RM.. =P Then met up the gang at coffeebean..
then it was either supper or mahjong.. didn't end up playing mahjong in the end.. too late =)
Had supper at the petaling st place and there were complaints that it wasn't good.. and they had a 2nd pot cos some ppl were still hungry and they remarked that the 2nd was a lot better.. I didn't have any from the 2nd pot.. watchng my weight.. lol =)
anyway.. I missed football this morning cos of me not hearing the alarm.. =(
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