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ANNNNNNNNNNOYING!! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-07-19 20:25
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I am feelingannoyedannoyed
Listening toBlue - Best In Me
I can't believe it.. I'm still getting the invalid ID msg for my AuthCate thingie for uni cos because of this I've had to do my timetable manually i.e. sort it out and put it in an excel file so that it's understandable..
I have Tuesday's and Wednesday's free but Thursday's are jam packed.. oh well you win some you lose some =)
oh shit.. just remembered
Tuesday I promised that Aimin fella that we'll play ball on Tuesday evening.. bleh..
so anyway.. got a massive headache from doing that shit.. plus I gotta remember the subject codes as well.. I tell ya.. if this isn't sorted out soon, I'm gonna be in trouble. =)
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