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Saturday Last day of full time work.. I had another tiff with my… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-07-15 17:40
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Last day of full time work.. I had another tiff with my parents when I got back. I played basketball.. pretty intense cos of several competitive ppl.
Came back and had dinner with parents so I ended up being late for mahjong and they got Chin Siang in my place so I didn't play after all.
I went to Pan Bakery and had some supper with KT, then supposed to go up Genting with HK and BS but Ed was uncontactable again.. sooo didn't go =) There was also a thing at Viva's but no one really felt like going.. =) We ( minus KT ) ended up at Ed's place playing mahjong from 1+ till 5+ and I ended up on the even, even though I was winning nearly everything at the start but Ed just refused to die off.. =P
Headed home after that.
supposed to wake up at 7 to go play soccer but I was too tired to go. Had lunch somewhere. just slipped my mind where we ate. Then went to 1U to buy some groceries, dropped it home and went to this Electrical shop. Bloody brilliant! NEW TV and NEW DVD player.. woohoo =) and someone's gonna do the rewiring for the hifi system.
I then tried to fix 2 ppl's comp.. there's definitely something very wrong with both other than just the formatting thaqt's needed.
played basketball today but I dunno.. I might have been feeling the effects of the mad game the day before cos I was a shadow of my yesterday self. played quite badly.
Had dinner with granma and 2 uncles and co.
funny and pissing off thing happened.
First we were gonna go Overseas at Jalan Imbi to have dinner, then they called and it was full so changed to this other restaurant here in PJ. So we ( being my nuclear family ) already got there and sat down then the call came and said it was back at Overseas, after apologising for taking up their 15 person table.. we went to KL to have dinner. My youngest uncle was a no-show there because he missed the part where they go back to the original restaurant to eat. And HE TOO sat in that restaurant waiting for us until we finally realised it.. BLEH
after dinner, we went to visit my uncle on my mom's side who had a stroke sometime last year. Just to see how he's going. He seems pretty fit and robust except for his speech which has yet to recover. But that's something that will recover given time.
Monday (today)
oh my GOD!!
had YET another tiff with my parents regarding my choice of transportation.. needless to say I lost.. but that still doesn't mean I'm gonna just roll over about it. anyway My dad sent me to college where I endured 3 long hours of speeches and more speeches and .. you get the idea. I sat at the 2nd row where I was the ONLY living soul.. curious how ppl always avoid the seats in front.. =)
there's a lot of lookers around.. really enlivened up the day for me.. hehe
I walked out to sunway pyramid and waited for about 40 minutes at the bus stop. Took the Putraline bus back close to my house and walked home. then had to go to KL back to the office to tell my uncle personally that I'm no longer working.
then then.. hmm.. had some stuff to eat and came back.
my phone line wasn't working for the past 2 days and the guys from Telekom who came just a while ago said that it may be because when they activated the ADSL, might have tinkered with it a little. They'll get it sorted out soon.
OH and that also indicates that I'm NOW BROADBAND.. wooohooo..
i'll now go around downloading things
lataz! =)
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