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friday night I played badminton as usual, then went to ss2 for… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-07-07 10:45
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friday night
I played badminton as usual, then went to ss2 for drinks.. came back, showered n slept.
typical saturday work day.. nothing really much to do. YJ did keep calling to play mahjong. bleh. I got back to PJ after work and played mahjong till about 6 and then rushed back, showered and rushed to kl to meet Deanna and Susan for dinner at Planet Hollywood.
After that went back to their hostel so that they could freshen up, then went to KTZ for dessert.
then I went home to get changed.. and arrange between Kit and Michele for them to exchange them photos.. WHY am I even needed there? got rather annoyed..
I saw Jenny Ho and Ying Ying at Coffeebean when I was meeting to those dingbats.
The guests got tired and said they didn't want to go clubbing anymore.. I felt bad cos I think it was my fault for dragging it along. So we had supper instead near Petaling Street. In between all this I managed to piss Joo Bee off.. again for not informing her earlier of the plans.. =(
so anyway..
Oh yah.. saw this really good looking chick at coffeebean too.. actually I saw 2. yay =)
anyway.. I'm heading out now for lunch at genting. bringing them there to have lunch with my parents.. =)
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