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oh man.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-06-29 04:13
Subject: oh man..
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me me.. ermm.. I think I've been upgraded to personal assistant post.. seem to be running around doing errands.. gah.
I placed 5 calls to Fujitsu to enquire about the notebook and whether or not it was ready.. told me that the fax went missing authorizing them to go ahead with the repairs.. I let them have it.. I was grumpy and hot and I tend to be more articulate when I'm pissed off.. =) Initially the notebook was only gonna be ready on Monday but after venting a little ( just a little ), they told me to go pick it up at 4 ( which was in one and a half hour's time from the time I made the last call ) I also followed uncle to pick some stuff up.. SHEESH.. no air-conditioning in today's freakishly HOT weather.. I just fainted in the lorry I think.. lol.. Lunch was OIISHI!! had a lot of extra stuff.. hehe granma came to have lunch with us at the office today..
What else did i do... hmm.. oh yeah I finally got a few things settled.. I will hopefully be able to go to Sunway Monash on monday and give them the statement of activities which they require.. hopefully I can get in .. *crosses fingers*
I went for a haircut today cos in a few hour's time I'm gonna get a new IC done.. which means new picture and since I'm gonna be using this for some time yet.. best that I look the best I can under the circumstances..=P
I was so stoned during badminton today.. I think it's due to heat stress.. hm.. =O
after that went to williams for some drinks with KT, oh yeeah.. that dick made me wait at his house cos he just got back and wanted to have his dinner.. bleh.
After dropping him home, I went to Yew Jin's place to play some mahjong.. my luck was pretty good today.. =) won some cash.. enough for ONE Durian Chiller.. I want!!! arghh.. hehe
and Olle keeps leaving my weird comments.. he needs to see a head doctor I tell you..
watching scooby doo tomorrow.. wooo =)
Me don't think I'll call WY next week after all since she's only free during weekends.. I ain't important enough to have a slot during the weekends
that OFFENDS ME!!!!.. soo.. yeah =P
I think I need to grow up.... hehe
anyway it's like bloody late. better hop on to bed
got the longest ady i've had in a while tomorrow..
too bad caffeine don't do it for me.. I could do with some wake me up..
g'nite world
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2002-06-28 15:19 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
dick as in penis you knucklehead.. and I aswered in the last one just now too.. long and good for you to read if you like my opinions about a sucky life which itches

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