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you're my ONLY HOPE - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-06-22 22:06
Subject: you're my ONLY HOPE
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Listening toMandy Moore - Only Hope
Friday.. I was supposed to meet 2 colleagues for morning yumcha. but my sister was slow in getting out of the hous and I was stuck in a massive jam then.. SO I'm late .. again .. I also had 'yong tau foo' for lunch courtesy of my cousin.. . I actually went out to eat.. =) Had to ask my uncle for permission. such is the life of the apprentice i.e. me =) After lunch, I found we had a tv downstairs at the counter. England vs Brazil was on.. The whole place went into a standstill.. and in the end a lot of ppl lost money because they were betting on England.. I betted on both sides out of a whim.. the amount wasn't large though.. I went for badminton but it was a huge let down.. 3 ppl didn't show and 3 of us do not make 2 pairs.. and playing singles really exposed my limitations as a badminton player. I do not have the positioning sense nor the speed of thought to play such a game where every milisecond is crucial. Left early cos we just didn't feel like it. Went to Seapark for drinks. SC and her ex/current bf came to join us. Then I went to pick Michele up and we caught up and shit.. through all this, I dragged KT along.. lol =)
finally got home at 1.30
today.. I woke up at 7+ after sleeping at 4 ( I was rereading an old book ). Day went past pretty quickly. We got off work early at 2.30 today rather than 4.30 so that we could watch the game. Boss man didn't want us to run off midway through work.. same went for the reasoning about yesterday. Met up with Joo Bee. and we went for dinner with Wen and a bunch of other ppl. I came back after dropping Joo Bee home. I now can either go yumcha with hk n ppl, or go to Bangsar and join Wen and ppl or give SC a call and go out n do something, or call Mich up.. =) for once I'm spoilt for choices.. haha
I guess I'll go for the one with the least hassle.. =) soz to the rest of the ppl.. not that I'll be missed anyway =P
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