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I didn't know that we actually had to go to the bank to get the pin… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-06-20 01:01
Subject: (no subject)
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I didn't know that we actually had to go to the bank to get the pin number for the charge card.. =) I was waiting for a whole week, I need to read the fine print in the future.. hehe That cute service person was pretty cheery today.. I reckon she had great you know what last night.. hence the happy glow.. endorphines do that to you.. =P Ah Lee's card just didn't like the pin number that was issued so he'll have to wait another week to get a new one. Chiang ( another fella working there who's pretty much Ah Lee's good friend at the office ) came to deposit the cheque as well... and all 3 of us sat on ONE 125cc motorbike back.. lol =) me and ah lee ain't supposed to be sitting on any motorbikes. family mandates and everything.. =)
gotta do some printing job for dad tomorrow... bleh went out to buy some ice-cream just now... no durian ones so had to make do with sweet corn. I had some and then when I was taking the cup into the kitchen
the handle broke off!! and the whole thing just shattered.. as I was cleaning it up.. I noticed blood in the ice-cream and I was just thinking why the heck is there blood in the ice-cream? so I searched my hands for a bit and I saw this hunk of skin okay.. so i'm exaggerating.. but it's fair sized bit of skin from my finger and it bled for like 20 minutes.. sheesh
Went out for some drinks with Kit and KT.. saw some pics.. oh my god.. EWWW =)
met some new ppl.. got back
and that's it for my day..
actually there's some other things.. but lazy to type em out now...
but then I probably won't be typing it out later anyway...
hmm.. =)
oh well
who cares.. no one reads it anyway.. too meandering
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