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today! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-06-12 23:35
Subject: today!
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Listening toWhiteTown - Your Woman
banked cheque, discovered that teller actually looks pretty if she smiled more often.. =)
ermm.. bought a supposed free lunch.. still awaiting refund on that. pumped petrol when I realised I don't have THAT much to pump max.. but then saw a colleague and I borrowed some off him.. Stopped off at the bank to withdraw some dosh, noticed a lot of chicky things breezing about..
dropped off the receipt at the dad's office to claim against company expenses..
found out that my sister helps some dude sell buns and shit for about an hour .. for free.. odd behaviour.. then routine for the rest of the day..
got an e-mail from annie ( eric's ex or so it seemed until I got the e-mail ) cos I sent him an e-mail demanding Jocelyn's number so that I can call her and arrange for Michele to bring back my shit. Basically telling me that eric's coming back tomorrow.. gah.. very last minute

Looks like I ain't getting anything back. My cousin in australia's room mate. the one who was gonna bring back that box that I have with my cousin ain't coming back cos he has some problems with his visa..
i dunno.. =)
and I was just called a loser.. but what to do, I'm terminally shy..
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