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Samsara ( place of enlightenment as opposed to Nirvana which IS enlightenment ) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-06-12 23:00
Subject: Samsara ( place of enlightenment as opposed to Nirvana which IS enlightenment )
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I watched this crazy ass long ass movie called Samsara. It's about this monk who meditated half his teenaged years away.. and when he came back he started having DREAMs.. =) this is based in Tibet. If the VCD quality was better I might have been able to appreciate the surroundings. As it stands, When it was really bright.. the brightness pulsated.. very very odd
on his way back from his solitary meditation, he saw this stone with an inscription, how do you keep a drop of water from drying up?
as the days went by, ( also after meeting a girl ), he left the monastery and led the life of a normal person because he said this to his mentor, how will I know what I am abstaining from if I never knew it? Where is the challenege in that?
And off he went. He bagged a girl, got a little boy in the process.. changed the thinking of the people in the village, suffered some heartache in the form of their livelihood being burnt to ashes. then he had a period of infidelity with a migrant worker .. The movie tends to be a little on the graphic side.. it doesn't pretend to be anything else.. raw seems to be what the director wanted. pun unintended.
ended with him getting a letter from his old mentor, shaving his head and going back to being a monk.. not without meeting his wife, and her giving an emotional.. statement.. and him crying and finally figuring out the answer to the earlier puzzle on the stone..
Not really sure what was happening then cos I was fast forwarding it.. it's a little tedious and long winded.. my attention span is too short for it i tell you.. =)
new update
Michele told me about another show which Christy Chung is in.. Jandara
she seems to do a lot of full frontal shows.. hmm.. and here I was thinking that she didn't..
oh well
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