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bad, sucky wedding - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-06-10 20:55
Subject: bad, sucky wedding
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LJ was down last night..
gah and I was so ready to complain about the wedding dinner held at the hotel..
before that.. I hadn't had lunch the WHOLE afternoon cos no car.. and yes I'm a whingy boy.. =P or man.. or youth.. whatever! anyway point of the matter was I didn't have lunch so I joined my cousin at this little place in Taman Megah called Liana's. Food's pretty good.. so go there and try it if you have a chance. We were supposed to have went to watch some chinese movie but didn't in the end.. I woke up at 10 am.. and ended up having a nap in the afternoon.
Went to walk about in the pasar malam after that. Bought some VCDs.. one is called A Walk to Remember. I read this book in the Reader's Digest book of the month thing and it was very touching. So I bought one for OJA for her birthday cos she reads these kind of books. Anyway the movie has Mandy Moore as the female lead. I wonder how she'll do..
hrmm.. back to griping about the dinner. It sucked. Table arrangement was bad. US ( the bride's side was all over the place ) with the groom dominating. MC was some indian speaking in English ( no offence intended to indians ) but this is a chinese wedding and most of them don't understand English very well. and the order that the things were done was weird as well. They cut the cake before the food started. A little toast too before the dinner came. The only nice touch was the slide show or them growing up and eventually getting to the final act. That was the only saving grace. OH and the chicks there too.. but i'm sidetracking
the food was bad, and I mean BADDDDD.
and I was very much in a hurry to leave.. it was just sucky.. oh there's another chinese thing that we do. The bride and groom usually goes around to ALL the tables and drink with the guests.. guess what.. =) another deviation from the norm.
came back, went out to yumcha cos I was still kinda hungry. then came back and went online a bit but couldn't update my journal then cos it was down!!
then.. today.. A number of ppl weren't here cos they were feeling unwell. I did the stockcheck instead and what a nightmare it was.. So many of the numbers do NOT match up..
A regular day at the office.. =)
and now it's back to Football MANIA.... GOAAALLLLL!!!!!
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