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went for the dinner at cousin's house.. there were some.. nice… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-06-09 11:53
Subject: (no subject)
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Listening toEminem - 10 - Without Me
went for the dinner at cousin's house.. there were some.. nice looking chicky things.. probably friends of my cousin's.. there were also a number of mutual high school friends cos me and her ( Ann Nie ) went to the same high school. Did I mention that she was getting married? Dinner banquet is tonight at someplace... =) hehehe I haven't got a clue where it's being held. Dad left this morning for China I think. Last night after the buffet at my aun't house, I went to Chris's place cos he was having an open house and I thought I'd just hop on over and see him.. Before that though, came back and there was drama! my sis had another tantrum when my parents told her not to come back so late.. and I thought I was gonna be taking the sentra.. bleh so ended up taking the Wira, need to get a cd player for it.. was at Chris's place for more than an hour. He's living by himself in a condo unit in Kepong.. recently bought. It's how do you put it.. cosy? =) kinda cosy.. met some ppl too. HY decided to come along with me and SC to Emporium. At first Hazel said she wanted to again but then changed her mind later. So off we went. OH MY GOD.. jalan Sultan ISMAIL was at a crawl at the intersection where Empo was. THAT many ppl wants to go clubbing during weekends.. it's worse than it would be during the weekdays the traffic snarl. bleh. Finally got the car stowed away. We had free entry cos SC's friend was a guest DJ that night. DJ Phono.. =) Judging from the scene outside, you'd think there was a shortage of clothing material.. such were the prominence of au naturel skin. I was feeling quite poorly... had a runny nose. Vitamin C was needed ASAP.. Gloria Jean's served orange juice at 10.50 RM per cup! bleagh. but I needed the VC .. it helped a little but after an hour on the inside. It was pretty damn bad. HY spilt his Bailey's on my loafers.. which reminds me better go check on it's condition
I actually went to the dance floor after some persuasion.. I was feeling rather poorly.. haih. hmm... gonna skip this part.. not that anything untoward happened just that.. I feel lame talking about me being a square.. =)
we went to eat at this place near petaling st.. food's GOOD.. but I have no idea how to get back there even if I wanted to get there..
sent everyone home and came back myself. mom was up to tell me off and this was about 4+ am.. sheesh.. I fell asleep without even taking off my contacts.. forgot. =(
oh well..
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