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woe.. i mean wow.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2011-01-19 22:13
Subject: woe.. i mean wow..
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I am feelingfullfull
Tags:celebration, recap
it's been already been in excess of a month since my last post.

Lots of activities done in that time. =)
There were various festivities..
Christmas, New Year's Day.
other celebrations such as weddings and hmm.. actually only weddings =)
got a birthday also la... chen hoe's but I can't remember if we actually did anything to celebrate.

Christmas-do at Horng Kang and Jade's home. Nice crowd and all. There was a potluck which I partook in.
J,"Eh, you bring drinks can already la."
J,"Nevermind-la.. easier for you also."
Me,"Nevermind. I'll make mushroom soup."
J,"Sure or not? I like mushroom soup wan you know?"
Me,"Sure. Can't be too hard."
HK,"Good to have a soup also. OK set."

I actually took a day off (I had balance days of leave) to do a trial run of the mushroom soup. It was a tad salty but otherwise quite yummy. Spent a bomb buying the stuff but this preparatory trial went quite well. Chopping and all that.

On the day itself, bought all the stuff in the afternoon. Prepared (chopping and dicing) it before going over to HK's place. Ended up going there late and some complaints thrown my way about being late and all that. Cos I still had to cook everything there.
Finally got it all done and it didn't turn out too shabby if i had to say so myself.. heh.. Got some glowing compliments. Don't know if I should have shared that since it's akin to bragging.. lol
Anyway, gift exchange completed the night.

Then a bbq at my house for new year's eve.. Fire took a while to get started. By then it was already quite late. I regretted buying the lamb chop from carrefour.. It was tough to munch on. I just had some lamp from las vacas 3 days ago and it was gorgeous. Tender, juicy.. exactly how it should be like. Will buy from there next time. Then they played Wii and PS3 and general merriment. Saw some fireworks in the distance from the window.. It was nice. =)

On new year's day, had another bunch over. It was supposed to be on boxing day but had to be postponed. This bunch played cardgames. Had my first taste of Monopoly deal. Quite a fun game.

First week of new year.. Can't remember =)
but subsequent weeks were a little.. busy
First there were the 2 wedding dinners of Chen Hoe and Sook Yee. Nice affair. Long-ish sermon, an over-exuberant marriage registrar official.. lol, lots of funny moments in the hotel room for the 2nd. Lots of torture during the 'chip san leong' and the classic line,"oh baby you're so fine, I wanna make you mine.." and it went downhill from there.
I had another wedding dinner in Seremban. An absolute snorefest.

Then came Alvin and Diana's wedding. Church ceremony, 'chip san leong' all everything else all in one day. Ended up with more time than we thought we had.
Had to take 2 days of leave for those Chen Hoe and Alvin.. jokers picked saturday to do the 'chip san leong' =)
Following week was yet another wedding dinner for Kathleen's friend.
so many dinners! argh...
There'll be another 2 more weddings in the next 2 months and another 3 more later in the year.. o.m.g.

Chinese New Year is now upon us. So much eating.. lol
Oh and we celebrated Horng Kang's bday as well one of those days.
I'm in the black so it's good =)

I'm not gonna bore you with the details and you know i'm wont to do.

Happy Chinese New Year and
Happy Valentine's day to the newly married(s) =)
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