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jingle belles =)

It’s already mid-December and we’re on a steady march to the end of the year. As always there’s a slowdown in the economy at large as the large number of pending holidays + people clearing leave contribute to a general lack of zest in business. Attentions are being diverted to other more seasonal things. Lol.

So my birthday has come and gone.
My colleagues bought me a dinner as well. Food was quite yummy. Didn't manage to go for our trip so no other trips happened

There was a wedding dinner in there somewhere,
Congrats to U-Kidd and Phay Wen. And the ‘Chip San Leong’ went well. Wearing female undergarments is no fun and the diaper keeps falling off!

Then there was the Thriller dance. Our months of practice was finally showcased during the dinner. U-Kian actually got overly nervous and totally got himself smashed before we started our routine. No major fumbling so it was all good.

Following weekend, we had to get a video shoot organized. There was a lot of work that had to be done before we could actually take the video so a bit of feverish planning, selection and final decisions were made. Some on the morning of the shoot but most 1-2 days before the shoot.

But overall I think it went well. Thanks to everyone who came and made it possible.
Chen Hoe and Sook Yee, the evil chi muis; Joanna, Jo-Lyn and Annie, the heng tais; Gary, Jay Jee, Ean, Pat, the slightly less evil chi muis; Sharon Kan and Sue Ann, the ‘Team’; Douglas, Alvin Chang, Eu Jin, Ean and Pat (the 2 guys on double duty) everyone else; Monica, Faizal, Shen Yi, Kathleen Choo, Katherine, special appearance by Sharon Ang and Joe. Not forgetting the videographer and her assistant; Grace Tan and Nicholas and a special special assistant, Yih Wen.

It was great fun and yeah.. who knows, maybe there’ll be a prequel or a sequel =)

Then up next was the stag day, a bunch of us went paintballing.. Chen Hoe got all interested after seeing the markers.. haha.. Pat, Alvin Chang, Joanna, Chia Minn, Sally, Horng Kang, Horng Yang, Yew Seng, Chen Hoe, Julian, and me. Most of them were rec-ball virgins so it was quite fun.. *cue evil laugh*

Not many injuries and all in all, lots of fun there.

Then at night there was a joint dinner with the hens @The Hill. I have to say that I'm not impressed with the place at all. And I probably won't go back there.

Ermm.. started going to the gym again and my numbers were pretty bad again.. meh
Various other things have occurred but time elapsed is too great. Can’t remember most of it. However, I do have 2 more meals to collect.. haha

I've seen Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale and one other movie I think.. Rapunzel is a must watch. You get to relive a classic Disney movie all over again. =)

Also caught a Christmas production at DUMC called MadWorld. Good songs/dancing.. story a little unclear.

Have a good one peeps. And if I don’t get the chance to see you before the year ends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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