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hehe - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-11-01 12:16
Subject: hehe
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I am feelingbouncybouncy
Tags:birthday, friends, life, memorable, movies, recap
So had a great weekend
started with a 'surprise' that I nearly missed.
I really don't fancy driving towards the city's direction on a Friday night.. lol

"So is there any other reason besides charbroiled lamb for me to go to Monte's?"
"cos if there isn't, I'm not going there."

Thanks to everyone who showed up. Yes I'm lousy at speeches.. but know that I really appreciate you guys being there =)
Starting from the my right, Shen Yi, Ban Eu, Alrease, OJA, Wei Ing, Prem, Patrick, Nick, Ken, Jay Jee, Sharon, Wen Ching, Jade, Horng Kang, Cindy, Mindy.. and then Cristine and Lai Yee.
Thanks for waiting for us.. I wasn't aware that there were that many ppl waiting la.. hahaha..
It was a great birthday and a very yummy cake that Kat bought from 'Gourmet'

So thank you for coming oh and special thanks to Nick for trying to get me intoxicated. One flaming ain't gonna do it buddy.. =P but it's a yucky drink la.. hahaha.. the one I had in hongkong last time was tastier.

There was a separate surprise on the 15th of Sept which was supposedly to deflect my suspicion about this surprise =)
Then Kath Choo, Pat, Julian, Jay Jee were the ones who gave me the surprise.. I thought there were some hobos hiding out in my house.. hahaha =)
so funny.. so I've already had 2 cakes now.. and 2 wishes.. hehe. yay! Thanks baby. =)
*end edit*

Then Saturday was interesting.. lol .. *ahem*
We caught 'Life as we know it". It's nice. =)
Sunday, we met up with Kelvin Yuen.. haven't seen him in a while..
and then dance practice was at my house. Was supposed to be away for the weekend so I gave them the option of using the old house.

"It's so dusty!", JQ exclaimed.. a but then?
I think we're getting the hang of it.. the dancing that is.

meh.. I realised what else it was that I missed. =)

Kuok Ching and Melissa's wedding

birthday shoutouts to Sook Yee .. little chulet.. or big chulet depending on how you look at it.. =)
Wai Leng

A trip that almost happened.. =)
Eating at Ole-Ole Bali for the first time.. yummy =)
oh and I caught 'RED' with Joa Quim. It's awesome... good show  
already previously mentioned.. lol

i think that's it =)
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2010-11-08 09:36 (UTC)
Subject: Hrumpph
WAT you mean BIG ?!

lousy fellow...
when you wish someone birthday - it is suppose to come with nice and warm-feeling-like wishes, u know?!

** u know who i am **
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2010-11-08 13:40 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Hrumpph
lol =)

but it's said with all the love in my heart.. hehe
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