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long time coming..

wah.. haven't updated in over a month.. didn't even realise
Truth be told, I've been very lazy about the whole thing
but then again I'm happy and contented
and there's nothing much to report

no travelling..

Hsiang Yang came back a couple of times so met up with him
Meng and HK are now expecting =) well and their wives are expecting that is.. they are just along for the ride =)

There was also a wedding dinner. A cousin of mine got married and it was nice
and then there was a family dinner after that and another mooncake festival thing with the other side of the family.

Oh went to catch short and sweet musical. Kathleen Choo's piece was one of the 4 selected. It was good and dare I say that the judges were a little unfair cos she is a newcomer so there's no goodwill there..
The other 3 used the keyboard and powerful singing and etc.. hers was acapella, with one of her members doing a beatbox thing and their dialogue was done in 3rd person with the lines on the floor used to denote space and distance. It was original and very good. But... oh well..

Met a few ppl.. played some boardgames.
Started playing this watered down RPG-styled dungeon crawl called Warhammer Quest. My character is a wardancer which is supposed to be good at cutting up enemies.. but meh my dice rolls are HORRIBLE!

Oh yeah there was a birthday last week.. Pat's now officially 3-0 =)
and a birthday nearly a month earlier.. took my cousin and his wife out for dinner at El Cerdo

Man Utd's been playing like crap.. urmm..
went for my PT's wedding.. =)

I think that's it in the way of updates.. cheers

Tags: birthday, friends, quickies, theatre

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