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the short stuff. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-09-01 14:07
Subject: the short stuff.
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Tags:recap, trips
Step up 3 movie - awesome. Thanks to JQ for the free movie =) Had a bit of a shock when Karen tracked me down in the gym and told me the movie was at Trop City Mall instead of E @ The Curve.
But I like the movie la.. I secretly wish I have their super dancing powers.. really.

MACC - Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians - excellent
these are some of the videos that they actually put up before the show proper... funny shit =)
Video2 (if you've ever received those e-mails.. you'll totally get this)
little funny ermm.. factoid. One of the ppl that I bought tickets for was Gary.. now Gary is known as the resident 'slut' because he knows just about everyone. But in fact, this time round I was the one bumping into various ppl.. I hope that I'll never get the moniker that he has.. lol
So dinner at Station 1. Then show. Saw Michael there. He was part of Karen's group. Funny how ppl get ppl and then suddenly you know everyone else =)

Z's birthday dinner at Betty's Midwest. Got there late. Damn jam la..  Met a few interesting people. Good porky food.. Thanks to Maureen for asking us along.

Then it was off for my Vietnam trip. Left in the afternoon. Flight was stuck over Ho Chi Minh city for nearly an hour waiting for its turn to land. Bleh.. Getting a cab was funny/annoying but I'll just gloss over that. Met the rest of them at Mai Hotel. But they couldn't wait. Apparently Huey Yee becomes a cannibal when she doesn't get enough food.

I found them at a deli/cafe round the corner having of all things.. a lasagne and a quiche.. come on.. in Vietnam la people.. *rolls eyes* So chit chat a bit then went to dinner. We had dinner at the market at this streetside stall that serves seafood. Tiong Hooi frequents this place so he knows one of the guys well(ish). Had pork skewer, spring rolls, ermm.. I think I'm missing one other dish besides the tamarind crabs.

We went to this rooftop bar/lounge after that and sat down and chat further.. By this point in time, it was well and truly established who the better photographer was.. lol and it was a good thing I only brought my Sony H-9. everyone's camera was truly the 'wows'. My dad's 550D was described as an entry level.. rofl.. =)
needless to say I didn't bother taking many pictures. Left it to them and I'll then steal if when all of it is compiled. =)
Huey Yee has her own website. She'll be posting her pics there. Then I'll get them from Hsiang Yang and Tiong Hooi too. Might take a while since they aren't exactly all around.. =)

It's a funny thing how when we're on holiday, there's a tendency to wake up earlier than when you go to work. We joined a full day tour of the Mekong Delta. Breakfast was at this roadside noodle place. Pretty yummy. I think I had my first cup of Vietnamese coffee with milk that morning. Anyway, lots of pictures taken. So many cute kids running about. And the weather was mostly good. It only rained when we got back to the city. So while we were sitting on the ferry, we'd see a lot of fishing boats with their painted eyes on the prow of the ship. What I found unusual were that instead of the usual 'fierce' eyes painted, these were a little concilliatory of friendly even. It was a 2 hour bus ride to get to the jetty.
There were a few stops. Coconut candy making, lunch, the making of rice paper, traditional songs, honey harvesting. hrmm.. not sure what else.. The pictures will be able to tell me more when I get them.

We had pho after we got back to the city. Pho Hua Pasteur.. It's good and only 38k dong. Lots of bits in there.. well worth it. Nearly finished all the soup as well.. haha
Huey Yee wasn't feeling too good after that (well after another short photo-taking session that is.. ) and she went back. Me and the boys were there for a little while longer before deciding to go for a hair-wash.. They were closed. Sigh. Met with Chin Joo who's there for work for dinner. We went for french food. Ty Soc which is sort of along Pasteur street as well. The owner Phillip really took his time explaining the the menu and the dishes and how it's prepared. I love the potatoes.. hehe. Between the 4 of us. There was duck confit, lobster, steak and pan-seared foie gras... and starters too. Reasonably priced food. Went home after that. We, me and Hsiang Yang stayed with Tiong Hooi who graciously agreed to hosting us at his place.

The next day it was just me, Hsiang Yang and Huey Yee. We went to the Curci tunnels.. not sure about the exact spelling but yeah that's where we went. It was a relic from the time of the Vietnam War. All those tunnels dug for the Vietcong to get around. I tried it but man it's tiny.. Definitely not for someone of my height. We were subjected to some propaganda. You'd think that after 25 years, they'd have been able to come up with a new video.. hehe. Both me and Hsiang Yang managed to try our hands at shooting an AK47 and an M16. Fun!!!
Went for another round of Pho at the same place.. lol. Oh before that, we wanted or rather I wanted to try broken rice but we were given directions to a what appears to be a chicken rice restaurant.. lol. Oh well. Went back to Huey Yee's place to shower and change before heading back to the airport. So it was a short, short trip but it was a fun trip. =)

Yesterday went for another round of skytrex organised by Ken. Truth be told, this one was easier than the Extreme one that I went for the last week. So been a pretty active week. It's fun =)

It's funny how things sometimes don't seem to be yet they are... confusing isn't it?

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