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of recaps and updates - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-08-23 11:47
Subject: of recaps and updates
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I am feelinghappyhappy
Tags:birthday, recap, trips

Things that have happened in roughly the past month.. let's see

Hsiang Yang came back during the last weekend of July. We met up twice. =)
JayJee's birthday was on the saturday night as well. As usual, the light saber came out.. lol
Man loves his movie paraphernalia. hehe

Kat came back on the sunday. =)

Then came the Bali trip. Was there for 5 days 4 nights with Kath and some friends (Cristine, Lai Yee, Sau)
Never been there before. Got sunburnt.. blek.. still peeling up until now. But I am definitely slightly more tanned now. So some good came out of it I suppose =)
Bali trip was good. Lots of laughter.. some stuff. Sightseeing and monkeys.. bad monkeys.
Sukawati, Uluwatu, Kintamani. Stayed at Legian, 100Sunset and Nusa Dua, Ramada Benoa. Nice places. And our guide Ariana.

Oh just before that it was Keegan and Mary's pre-wedding house party. Good hosting, excellent lamb, old friends... It was some good times =)
Friends are all getting married one after another. =) That's life I guess.

Caught "The Expendables" with Kat at Gardens. Bumped into Sharon, Jimmy and Joe after the movie.. they were about to enter the same cinema hall to watch the same show.
I enjoyed the movie. It was a throw-back to the era before too much CGI and crazy stunts. Just old fashioned crash, boom, bang. Good stuff. But kat disagrees. She fell asleep. Bleagh.

Been going for futsal, gym and everything. Yay =)
Oh it has been decided that instead of going to Beijing, me and Hsiang Yang will be going to Saigon! also known as Ho Chi Minh City. Turns out Huey Yee will be there during that date as well. hehe. So we'll meet up and go sight-seeing together. It's gonna be fun.

So this month, there was Alicia's birthday, Kat's birthday, Joa Quim's birthday and also Brenda's birthday =) Happy birthday y'all
For Kat's birthday we were holidaying in Bali so just had a simple dinner and an assortment of cakes to commemorate the occasion =)
It was a nice way so spend celebrating our first time celebrating her birthday =)

Jq's one was at dinner which I was super late for so didn't go. Then it was drinks at Leonardo's. Lots of fine looking girls that night. Turns out they were all going clubbing that night. Even some of those who actually just has an endless succession of deadlines.. hor Diana hor? I gave JQ a neck massage for not showing up for dinner.. hehe =) and Sue too for good measure... =)
So who was there.. ermm.. birthday girl, Jo-Lyn, Sook Yee and Chen Hoe, Pat, Alvin and Diana, Sue, Verena and hubby, Christine and bf.. I met Christine before some half a year ago i think or even more. But she doesn't remember me =(
lol. I remember how JQ and JL were raving about this hot, very nice, very friendly chick who happened to be single.
and then she wasn't single anymore.. lol.

JQ invited me to this buka puasa thing at PJ Hilton one of those days. Free food. How could I say no? lol. Met this guy called Jek. Pretty interesting business and seemingly viable business model that he has which is related to the F&B industry. Oh I saw Sofia there was as well. She's the alleged psycho ex of Afeef. The buffet spread there was quite varied but some of it was a little dried out and a small portion tough to chew on. But overall it's above average. I enjoyed the grilled buffalo.. =D

There was a small birthday celebration at Friendcino (formerly friendster cafe) for kat's bday. The service was crazy good that night.. They were attentive to a fault. BUT probably due to the fact that it wasn't very full at all. Cheap alcohol and cheap + yummy tapas. It was a good night =)
There was a bbq at one of Kat's friend's place during one of the weekends. Jia Qi's.. food was excellent. Imported meats from South Africa.. good company.. it was fun and full-filling.. haha
And then.. what else happened.. hmm..
I'll spare you all the itty bitty details like how many hours I spent with my darling.. lol
Oh yeah we had dinner together with her family @ Selayang, Heong Kee. Dinner for the 6 of us which included 2 types of fish only a little over RM100. Good value for good food. Only problem would be the distance =)
Then dinner with my parents last night at Supertanker with my granma and my aunt. My granma was so cute, she kept pushing the spintable over to me .. hahah =) I think Kat was a little nervous.. maybe... but I think the dinner went well =)

Oh went for Skytrex yesterday. Thanks to Angie for organising. Ungodly hour though but it's good fun. We went for the extreme challenge. Highest platform was 22meters above ground level.. there was a fair bit of climbing and obstacles.. luckily been going to the gym otherwise would have fared even worse.. lol. Met a lot of funny ppl. Had fun. haha. Thanks. =)
and BKT after that at teluk pulai.. yummeh..

Ok I'm done
till next time. =)

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User: ext_114733
Date: 2010-08-23 10:02 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
What is this Skytrex thing?

I have always heard about this but I don't real know about this.
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2010-08-24 01:22 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
the power of the internet compels you!

just google next time.. quicker than waiting for me.. heh =)

it's basically a sort of obstacle course with ropes and ladders and fly fox and swinging ropes.. did i mention ropes? =) no bondage offered here though.. just high-tension cables and ropes.. imagine the kick you'll get out of sitting down on your harness 22meters above ground and just pushing off from your platform on a 30-40 meter flying fox.. it's awesome.

oh and it's all suspended at 22meters above ground. for the extreme and 17 meters for the big thrill. There's a smaller one called little adventure. Perhaps you could give that a try first. =)
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