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The week. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-03-29 10:12
Subject: The week.
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Tags:birthday, dinners, family, food, manchester united, movies, recap

It has been an amazing week at the movies for me.
My lovely bones - *snore*
Solomon Kane - omfg

oh wait.. did I say amazing? I got that totally wrong.. =P

this past week...
dinner with Cristine @ Grumps. I think I have made another convert.
dinner with YC @ Backofen. I had that spicy fried spaghetti again.. yummy =) oh and that bread and cheese thing is good as well. YC said she's never tried it before.. haha but she liked it.
Dinner with a supplier on monday i think. fell asleep and was late for dinner.. =P
Tuesday was the skeletal show with YC and dinner @ Chatterbox.

Saturday was Aunty Alice's bday dinner @ Unique Seafood.. zomg.. wayyy too much good food. Wanted to burst at the end of it. We went for the movie after that. Was supposed to watch How to train your dragon in 3D @ 1U.

*sniff sniff*
"Why is there a burning smell?"

Turns out there was a fire at Glitters Cafe a day earlier and there was some damage. Our theatre was damaged and they didn't tell us that when we were getting the tickets. Only when we were about to go in. Bleagh. That's how we ended up with Solomon Kane. Ugh..
But we played a bit of arcade before that while waiting.. *wheeee*
ahahaha =) it was fun.

So for the movie it was Jo, Joa, Pat, Ken and me. I think we were all in agreement.. baaad.

So MU won again but it was so boring and I was so.. frustrated that I didn't finish watching it and went home.

and then yesterday had buffet with YC at The Living Room in Westin. I barely ate anything. I think it was the after effects of the super dinner the night before. There was a party at my cousin's home for her 1yo son's bday, Weng Juin. He's a cute baby.. =) and the view from the balcony was superb. The house was facing the small river that runs through Tropicana. Very nice.

Dinner was @ Overseas to polish off the fishhead that a supplier gave. 15kg 'long tan' fishhead. Split 4 tables.. lol
Liverpool won last night... yetch..

Next weekend should be good
MU vs Chelsea!

"We'll fall disgustingly fast,
And we'll stop hanging out with friends,
And They'll be so offended."

Let's Just Fall In Love Again - Jason Castro

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