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when I was young.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-03-13 09:27
Subject: when I was young..
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I am feelingawakeawake
When I was young (some of you may have something to say about it.. *glare*) I used to attend this 'I.Q. Development' program at Cosmotots.
I can't recall the name of the founder.. (I think his name was either Mr. Yong or Mr. Au-Yong) even though there was a lot of memory exercises.. lol. I do remember him being a rolly-polly man who played the flute.
I think when I first started, the program had probably just took off not too long before that.
There we were encouraged to hone our 'talents'

For example, he knew that I could play then piano (then) so from time to time, he'd ask me to play it in front of everyone. I would play the entertainer and race through it in record time. Not very accurately but it was over quickly.. lol. Stagefright. My cousin was the singer, so she'd sing a song in front of everyone while he would play his flute.

We were split into 3 different groups at random. Using the greek letters as group names; Alpha, Beta, Gamma. There would be quizzes from time to time and various other tasks which had points assigned to it. The group with the highest points at the end of the week would have unfettered access to the computer. If we submitted a picture or a drawing, it'd be 'graded' and if it was good enough, it'd be placed on the wall. The one time I submitted, mine was placed on the wall.. yay =)

So what else.. we were encouraged to read. We would watch older movies or at least those that were a little more meaningful. "From Russia with Love", "My Fair Lady", etc. We'd have fun with the tongue-twisters, learn the various speeches. Gettysburg address, Mark Anthony's speech, Martin Luther King Jr's speech @ the start of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and so on and so forth. Oh from time to time, he'd call us out to stand in front and deliver the various speeches.

This was a place where the brainiacs were encouraged not the jocks. Reading was lauded. But there was a ping-pong table where we'd play during the breaks. So it wasn't all just using your head. This place started out at Damansara Utama in a bungalow then moved to a bungalow in TTDI and then to its present location in a Damansara Utama shoplot. This was where I'd play chess and memorise the colours of the rainbow and etc.

Reason for this post? Nostalgia.. =)
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User: ext_192167
Date: 2010-03-13 03:34 (UTC)
Subject: :)
Sounds fun! Why didn't my parents send me to Cosmotots! :P
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2010-03-13 07:26 (UTC)
Subject: Re: :)
lol.. sure boh sounds fun?
for certain ppl, it'd be frightfully boring.. =)

I did a search. They still don't have a web presence.

but nevermind, you can send your kids there.
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