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quick update.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-02-15 12:56
Subject: quick update..
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Located @old house
I am feelinghungry
Tags:birthday, celebration, family, food, movies, recap

Now that that's out of the way.. in events so far

super-super-super last minute shopping with a lovely shopping assistant. (no i was not forced to say this.. realllyyyy)

pictures of reunion dinner.. If you ever see it, it's like a marketplace.. the noise and.. okay not the smell.. maybe not quite a market but a noisy place and kids running around. ah.. family =)

ermm... business was quiet in the last week before CNY.
House is probably in the region of 95% complete.

i don't know!!
oh yeah, there was a dinner with colleagues. 'sau gong' dinner and we went to play pool after that. One of the game between the 2 girls took forever.... really!

Alvin's surprise birthday thingie.. i'd dare say it'll be one of the more unusual one he'll ever have.
Cake delivery person was as drunk as a .. drunk person aaannddd he was super late aaannnnddd he dropped the cake. Evidence here (perpetrator.. maybe here..)

Started playing bayonetta already.. the storyline is pretty interesting although the progress seems rather linear.

oh yeah!! we (Chen Hoe, Sook Yee, Wai Leng, and Pat) celebrated YC's birthday @ Grumps @ Plaza Kelana Jaya. I've been to this place a few times and I've always found that they do their cheesy stuff REALLY well.. oh a short intro is in order (for the restaurant)
Grumps is an Italian joint that serves pork. Sinfully good. Portions are generous too =)
The more decent looking pics for YC's birthday dinner are here.
so anyway, ermm.. I actually stumbled upon this place when me and Shen Yi were gonna grab some lunch on a sunday afternoon at Louisiana and found out the hard way that it didn't do sunday lunch. So we popped over next door and found Grumps. My first time there, we were the only table.. lol. But I liked the food there enough and I've been dragging (sort of, usually they're lured in with the promise of porky goodness) ppl there.
The only drawback of having the dinner there if it could be called one, was that one of the items that you see in the pictures is actually a special order. You have to pre-pay a deposit for the lobster thermidore and have an advance notice of 2 days as they don't carry stock for certain stuff. But I felt fairly confident that they'd do it well so I made that leap of faith.
It's GOOD =)
Oh If you love bacon, you have got to have the grumps pizza.. all bacon goodness.. yum..

This was the oh-so-good food that me and JQ had one of the nights before catching @#$@%#@% Legion. I'd definitely go back to Dave's Pizza again in the future. Their service is pretty good as well

Watched Avatar again in 3D with jo.
Had dinner with Jan, Ai Ling and .... hmm.. sorry man name eluded me again @ DTF

Dinner with Jade and Wen Ching @ Dragon-i. I was so terribly late for that one.. crazy jam.

Caught Valentine's Day last night @ MidValley with Cristine, Lai Yee and Sau. It's cheesy, cliched, a little bit draggy in places and the happy endings are just depressing.. =P
But on the bright side, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, were in it. Too much clothes on though.. hehe.. kidding. They are so beyootiifulll...

Had a bit of gambling @ Kepong on the night of the reunion dinner. The cops were there too. 2 cars & 6 of them. Someone let off some crazy crazy fireworks and they came and I think they were a little 'thirsty'. Settled after a while elsewhere.

First day order of business is typically visit granma (they'd already left) then go to kepong for mom's side of things. My cousin seriously cooks the 'hokkien mee' better than many of those hawker fellas. SO GOOD.. it's no wonder I have an ever expanding waistline.. When you have a big family of good cooks, something has to give.
did a little bit of small time gambling.

went home and there were guests coming over.
I headed off to feed Shen Yi's dogs and relaxed a bit at home before having dinner with my parents @ supertanker. Very VERY long wait for the food. BUT it was good.

I've been buying a fair bit of the shortbread from "Stuff your face" ever since I had it that day.. lol. and It's not merely for my consumption. I wonder if i get a promo-fee for it. "All the shortbread you can eat"
rofl.. nah..

anyway, i'm late again. Cya =)
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2010-02-17 10:12 (UTC)
Subject: Lazy SooJ
Lazy boy - put lah some of your own opinions on the food rather than just linking my blog. :P
(Haha.... Sorry, just teasing)
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2010-02-17 12:43 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Lazy SooJ
but but.. you're the expert.. and you've got all the pictures.. =P

all words ain't no pictures make for a dull journal.. having links help somewhat
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