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before I forget... =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-02-05 01:53
Subject: before I forget... =)
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Tags:birthday, condolences, movies, restaurants, theatre, updates
I've already forgotten what I did last week

I think I went over to Alvin's place on one of the days for some Xbox 360 game play.. then there was this cool game called "Bayonetta" I think that's the name
Then there was the MACC show. This part duex thing wasn't so on. If you were a first timer then it would have been one of the best shows ever. Unfortunately, I went for the 1st EGM back in Oct last year I think and there were a lot of rehashed material. Disclaimers were tossed into the banner but I didn't take them seriously la.. I mean they ARE comedians.. who takes them seriously.. =P
But it was still good for a chuckle. Luckily the majority of those attending that I organised were MACC virgins. Some were in fact PJLA virgins so yeah they enjoyed it immensely.
Let's see
Michael showed up.. finally made it to one.. lol, then there was JQ, Jo-Lyn, HK and Jade, Prem, Wye Wah, Chen Hoe, Meng Jan, Ai Ling, Arlene and .. 2 more friends, Cristine and Lai Yee. yeap I think that was the list.. lol

What else did I do....
Oh yeah I had lunch with Kat one day on a work day no less.. lol.. late late long-ish lunch. skiving!
Had a yumcha with Cristine one night when I had no dinner.. that's when I discovered that the mee goreng PEDAS at Devi's corner in TTDI is yummeh.. mmmm

met Jo and JQ at Sid's one of them nights too.. been a while since I went =) I had OJ again.. lol
Oh I caught Legion


It's a dressed up zombie movie.. I hate horror movies! Shen Yi wasn't such a big fan either. Caught it with her, JQ and Prem. Bumped into my cousin + wife + more cousins + aunt + aunt's brother + cousin's cousin (she's very cute but married) after the movie. They were going for a midnight movie.
Me and JQ had dinner at the Dave's diner? or was it cafe.. hmm.. anyway the food was pretty good though it wasn't a cheap meal at all.. zomg..

Then there's futsal.. I've been playing even more crap than my usual level of crap.. something wrong somewhere. Started going to the gym again. so far once a week only but hey can only get better.

Monday was a holiday so slept in a little. Had lunch with Jo and Sue at "Stuff your face" yummeh shortbread =)

oh wait I bought my PS3.. lol. It's the FFXIII edition.. awesome stuff =) Alvin helped me out with this. Diana was just there for the shopping.. =)
I blew a pretty penny on it.. and when I tried to plug everything in.. my power cable was missing.. they forgot to pack it in.. sigh
I went to collect the cable and convinced Nick to come along and buy the bayonetta game that we were talking about earlier at the coffee place. hehe
oh and when i went home to plug it in, I discovered the HDMI port on the SAMSUNG TV doesn't really work. I've done a check online about it and it seems to be a fairly common complaint.

back to monday, I met with Kelvin later at Ikea and did some cursory furniture shopping.

"Okay how much is your budget for the chairs?"
"About 200 should be alright.. "

Most of the nicer office chairs are above 1k.. crazy. Went for a bit of CNY shopping after that. Gym after that. Saw Ken and Nicki? there. Had a decent workout..
Dinner was with JQ at Le Messon? Masson? I don't know the name.. =(
it's a porky place in Bangsar specifically Iberica pork.. "..It's to pork what Kobe beef is to well beef.."
something like that. Not cheap.

Had a meal at Greenview too one of the days for the 'heng tai' for Kel's wedding the other day. Solid fare as always.
Went for some dessert after that and then MAHJONG! Haven't played in a while.. hehe

Had another wedding dinner on sunday. went home and watched the MU Arse match..

MU WON!!! ahaha woohooo..
I think this entire post is a little excitable.. I'm not entirely sure why. I think I need to go to bed though.
Kel came over to watch together. and then proceeded to hand my ass to me playing Fifa 10.. shit

what else have I missed.. Oh tried this Happy Days restaurant out in Taipan with YC.. Food's pretty decent and quick. And there was some live music while we were there.
Had dinner with Meng Jan at Noodles @ KL Hilton. Quite nice the food there though it's not cheap AT ALL..

AND most important and definitely NOT the last
Welcome to the world Tan Jay Vern. Yes you do have a funny name but at least there's a reason behind it. =) You're a lucky little fella to have Jo Ann as your mommy and BK as your daddy.. I'll be seeing you soon. =)
It was a little freaky as I had just spoken to OJA on that night and then I bumped into BK at the restaurant that I was having dinner at and next thing I knew, I saw Ban Eu's post the next day on FB saying that JV was born.. lol
and to think I haven't spoken to OJA in at least a month.. lol gotta love the timing.

I think that about sums it all up.. Oh there's a garden in the house now.. and some trees..
Maybe it's time for another set of pics..

This week has been a sort of hectic week .. not really but in the afternoon, the phone lines go a little berserk.
Anyway, that's it.. cheers

Oh Happy birthday to HK. It's his birthday.. yesterday =)
happy birthday dude.. here's to seeing some little fellas in 9 months time =)

oh yeah.. there was a bit of a sad news as well. JJee's father-in-law, Sharon's dad passed away during the week. My thoughts to them and their family.
I have to say though.. Taman Segar Perdana is not an easy place to find.
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